• EL106: About Starting Over and Coping with Unexpected Events, with Jim Hart


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    “When you hate what you’re doing, it’s really hard to provide a lot of good value”– Jim Hart

    There’s a lot more to being a lawyer than just working on cases. Running a law practice in just like any other business, and now attorneys need to think about business models, marketing and running a business alongside their personal lives. Jim Hart is an experienced attorney in North Carolina and has recently started his new practice – Hawthorn Law – who specialize in intellectual property law. In today’s show, Jim and Jacob chat about the human side of being an attorney, starting and building a law business and the future of law.



    “I find that the more information I give away, the more clients realise the value of hiring a lawyer”– Jim Hart

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    There are many things to consider when you are starting your own law practice. Not only do you need to think about what you want to specialize in, but also business models, how you are going to market it and of course, run it alongside your personal life. In today’s show, Jacob chats to experienced attorney and entrepreneur, Jim Hart about his new practice – Hawthorn Law – intellectual property law specialists, online marketing, the future of law and how to deal with unexpected events.


    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’51” – About Jim today
    • 03’00” – Getting started with a new practise
    • 08’02” – What sets Jim’s business apart from the rest
    • 11’30” – The future of law
    • 18’00” – How Jim dealt with his problems in the last year
    • 25’35” – What Jim will be focusing on in his new practise
    • 31’06” – Jim’s tips for people building a law firm

    Written Podcast Transcript:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody and welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer podcast. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs, business people — and some of them are lawyers — who inspire us to do our job better.

    Every week I try to find an interesting person and this week I have a special guest who happens to be a friend of mine as well. We have Jim Hart who is an attorney in North Carolina and he’s visiting here at my office in San Diego. We’re both sitting here at the office.Welcome, Jim. How are you?

    Welcome, Jim. How are you?

    Jim:  I’m doing great. I love being in San Diego.

    Jacob:  Excellent. Jim also has a podcast and we’ll link his show in our notes, but he’s an attorney. We’ll talk about what he does right now. What I like about Jim is his knowledge in marketing, his excitement about helping people, and the fact that me and him share a common passion for technology and building businesses using older tools. In fact, you’re here now for — What is the conference that you’re here for?

    Jim:  The Traffic and Conversion Summit.

    Jacob:  I’m not at the conference myself this year, I was there last year. But I can imagine that there are not that many lawyers in that conference.

    Jim:  So far I’ve seen, including myself, three of us, and there’s 3,000 people here.

    Jacob:  Exactly. So that just shows us what — The fact that you’re there, it’s already puts you in a progressive state of mind.

    There are many things we can talk about with you. You know about marketing and we both have many shows about how to get clients, how to get traffic. But I think today, I want to focus about the human factor of being an attorney, the struggles that we have about choosing what to practice, change in our business, and how to deal with challenges. I think that — we both have challenges and we can share some of them today.

    So, first of all, why don’t you tell our listeners — many who probably know you already — about what you do today and where you’re located, and a little bit about the path you’re taking right now.

    Jim:  Well, I’m located in Cary, North Carolina. I’m in the process of building a law practice, it’s called Hawthorn Law. It’s an Intellectual Property Law Firm that is designed to help online entrepreneurs to protect their brands online. My goal is to work with clients all over the country as well as all over the world, and to really build this into the premier law firm that will help online entrepreneurs with anything related to the intellectual property needs.

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    Show Notes

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