• EL104: Why Business Etiquette is the key to Success, with Kara Ronin


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    “Business Etiquette is social skills for businesses”– Kara Ronin

    Kara Ronin is the founder of ’Executive Impressions’ – a company which helps businesses – and their people in them – to create the right kind of relationships amongst themselves, and their clients to ensure the success of a business. Having been born in Australia she now lives an international lifestyle, and is currently enjoying living in Lyon – France. In today’s show, Kara and Jacob chat about the importance of being in the moment, how not to damage your reputation with your online presence, what makes people do business with you and how to make people like you.


    “There are many soft skills that you need to have in your business toolkit”– Kara Ronin Play Podcast

    Building relationships within a business is the key to ensuring success now and going into the future. Today’s guest, Kara Ronin is an expert in ’business etiquette’ and uses her knowledge to help companies and professionals to refine and polish their executive presence and help them communicate with clarity and precision in their own country and abroad. Today she talks to Jacob about the three factors which make people want to do business with you, how to be liked, and the skills of making small talk.

    If you prefer to watch my interview with Kara Ronin (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’35” – About Kara
    • 03’16” – What it ’business etiquette’
    • 07’19” – The difference that having good business etiquette can make
    • 11’16” – Jacob’s elevator rule
    • 15’10” – How businesses should be acting in the social media and digital landscape
    • 20’05” – Kara’s tips on being liked
    • 24’11” – Kara’s tips on starting conversations

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody and welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer podcast. This is a show that we interview inspiring and interesting entrepreneurs from all overall the world that share their ideas with us and help us get our job done much better. Today I have an exciting guest all the way from France. I have Kara Ronin with me.

    Kara is the founder of Executive Impressions. Drawing from more than 10 years of living an international life, she offers professionals a wealth of practical advice and inspirational tips to move them towards an international mindset and an amazing corporate career. She has a lot of knowledge, interesting insights into the world of business etiquette. I’m going to learn all about it.

    Welcome to the show, Kara. How are you today?

    Kara:  Hi Jacob. Thanks so much for having me.

    Jacob:  Exciting. I am kind of envious of you that you are in France right now because I definitely wanted to be there too and enjoy the snow and everything.

    Kara:  Absolutely. Unfortunately, though this year it hasn’t snowed very much.

    Jacob:  Yeah, that’s what I heard. But you can drive just a little bit far into the mountains and you’ll see all the snow you need, right?

    Kara:  Yeah, exactly. Only a couple of hours by car and, or even maybe less, and then, yeah, you’re absolutely in the mountains and you can go skiing and everything like that. It’s quite wonderful.

    Jacob:  Why don’t you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and — Well, you’re now in France, in the French Alps, right?

    Kara:  Yeah. I live in a city called Lyon which is not in the French Alps but it’s not that far from the French Alps. And I am Australian which your listeners probably could have guessed from my accent. I’m Australian but I’m living in France at the moment.

    Living an international life is something that I have always been fascinated with. I’ve always loved other cultures and countries and languages. Since I was very young, I always looked at other people who even had a different accent. I was speaking English but with a different accent, say, those from the US or the UK. I would look at them with intrigue and just wonder where they came from, and what was their life like, and everything like that.

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    Show Notes


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