• EL103: Be a Man: Live with Purpose, Achieve Self-Mastery and Create your Legacy, with Ryan Michler


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    “The men and women out there who have success in their lives are those who are able to take action”– Ryan Michler

    Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraq combat veteran and founder of the website, Order of Man. He has run his own business as a financial advisor for the past 9 years and through his website is helping men (and women) step up, become useful and be successful in whatever they choose. In today’s show, Jacob and Ryan talk about what it means to be a father, what he learned in the military and the importance of action and accountability.


    “The biggest thing a father can do is to be engaged, to be present, to be active”– Ryan Michler Play Podcast

    Have you ever wondered what it means to be successful? Ryan Michler, founder of the website, Order of Man thinks that he has figured it out. Through his website, he helps people to take responsibility for themselves, engage with people and discover what success is for them.Today, Jacob chats to Ryan about the responsibilities of being a father, what it means to be successful and why taking action is the most important thing that you can do in life.

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    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 02’36” – Taking action
    • 03’10” – Ryan’s background
    • 10’20” – What Ryan learned from being in Iraq
    • 13’15” – Why it’s important to know what you want from life
    • 14’40” – Ryan’s morning routine
    • 18’08” – Ryan’s thoughts on success
    • 20’57” – The importance of being useful
    • 23’11” – When to start taking action
    • 24’39” – Why taking personal responsibility is so important

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody and welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer podcast. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world who share with us their ideas and we learn from them so much. Today I have a very exciting and special guest and I’m honored to have Ryan Michler here today.

    Ryan is an Iraqi combat veteran and financial adviser. He’s the founder of Order of Man. Order of Man is a blog and a podcast dedicated to helping men develop in eight key areas of their lives: relationship, intellect, leadership, manly know-how, wealth, fitness, self-mastery, and style. We can learn more about Order of Man at www.orderofman.com. We’ll make sure to share the website in the show notes.

    Before I reach out to Ryan, I just want to say this particular episode is not just dedicated to men but I feel that in our business — and me being a man myself — I feel that there’s a lot of challenges that we face just because life is not easy. We try to provide, we try to be the best at what we do, and there’s so many things around it that makes us feel frustrated but we always keep it to ourselves because we feel that we have to be strong and we’re very scared to share that.

    Learning about what Ryan is doing, I was really excited to learn that there’s other ways of how we can deal with it. Ryan, first of all, welcome to the show. I’m very excited to have you here.

    Ryan:  Thanks, Jacob. I’m excited too. I appreciate you have me on today.

    Jacob:  How are you doing today?

    Ryan:  I’m really good; really good. Calling it quits for the weekend but we’re doing well.

    Jacob:  Ryan, I gave a little bit of an intro. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself and also about Order of Man and why did you start this thing.

    Ryan:  Yeah, sure.

    So I’ve been actually a financial advisor which is obviously in the financial industry that makes sense on this show and talk a little bit about that as well. But I’ve been an advisor for almost nine years now and I still have my financial planning practice — I do a lot of that. But I also do Order of Man which, like, you said, is dedicated to helping men really achieve more in their life. Step up in their lives, take responsibility for their lives, and be all that they want to be.

    So we focus on those eight key areas that you went through and we’ve got the blog and we’ve got our own podcast as well.

    I actually did a podcast for my financial planning practice and that didn’t last very long before I shifted over to Order of Man. But I think what really separates — And you brought up a good point, Jacob. You said this is not only towards men and that’s absolutely true. The principles and the skill sets and all of that that we talk about is applicable to both genders. It’s not that it’s exclusive to men although I know more about being a man, obviously, than being a woman. So that’s why we focus that way. But, yeah, that’s what we do.

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