• EL102: Becoming Superman: How to be Healthier, Stay Motivated and become Limitless, with Kestutis Rasimavicius


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    “Your body is the one tool you have to achieve success, so why don’t you fix that?”– Kestutis Rasimavicius

    Kestutis Rasimavicius is a genetics scientist from who has studied the relationship between genes and nutrition, and is also an athlete and body builder. From his experience as a body-builder and his strive to be the best, Kestutis started investigation and found out that success has a lot to do with it. In today’s show, Jacob and Kestutis chat about his products which help people lose weight, overcome food addictions and change moods, and what being an athlete has taught him about how to become successful.


    “If you are consuming processed food there is a high chance that it is made to be addictive”– Kestutis Rasimavicius Play Podcast

    Some people think that success is about luck, or other outside factors. According to today’s guest – Kestutis Rasimavicius, a genetics scientist, there is a lot more to it that that, and our genes play an important role. In today’s show, Jacob and Kestutis talk about how Kestutis’s own experience as a body-builder helped him form his ideas, which now help others to overcome addictions to certain foods and kick start their weight loss.

    If you prefer to watch my interview with Kestutis Rasimavicius (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’26” – Kestutis’s background story
    • 07’45” – Kestutis’s attitude to competition
    • 10’13” – Weight loss
    • 13’45” – The concept of editing genes
    • 16’30” – Food addiction and will power
    • 27’15” – Kestutis’s tips for success

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody and welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer podcast and Happy New Year. This is one of our first shows for the year and we’re going to start strong with some good content and good tips for a better preparation for anything in life, anything you do this year.

    I am excited to have a very special guest here with me today, right here at the office with me. His name is Kestutis Rasimavicius. He is a genetics scientist from the Sanger Institute and business entrepreneur with a very extensive experience in Nutrigenomics, the study of relations between nutrition and genes, and currently is the CEO of Genegauge Labs LLC.

    It’s interesting that Kestutis is also an athlete and a bodybuilder and we’ll talk about some of those things that people like him do to achieve their goals and make their life amazing.

    Kestutis, welcome to the show. I’m excited to have you here at the office.

    Kestutis:  Thanks, Jacob. It’s great to be here.

    Jacob:  We talked a little bit before starting the recording but I wanted to maybe share a little bit about your background, where you’re from, and how you got in from being — started as an athlete, continue being an athlete but getting into the science field. Just a little bit about your background.

    Kestutis:  Well, I started doing sports when I was eight years old so it’s a very early age. I think this is one of the important things to start early. I gained a lot from that, from starting early, because sort of you indoctrinate yourself in the positive way.

    I started doing judo when I was eight years old. I had great coaches. They taught me a lot. They taught me about morals, they taught me about discipline, and respect for your opponent, never use the force on the street and things like that. So that’s when my journey started.

    At the age of 14, I had the head injury during one of the training sessions when I just blacked out completely. I woke up walking around in circles outside the dojo. I knew that something went wrong.

    I could not remember what — I was aware of myself but I could not remember things. But everything sort of came back to me a little later so I was fine in that sense.

    I’ve been checked by the doctors and they said that I shouldn’t continue judo which was very disappointing for me. But I really had this drive and passion for doing something physical so I went and did some weights to keep myself in shape and not to go crazy. That’s when I started lifting weights.

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    Show Notes


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