• EL078: 6 Networking Secrets to Up Your Game, with David Bradford


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    “In business, connecting, building and forming long term relationships is where it’s at” – David Bradford

    David Bradford is known as the Human Internet. He is a highly successful CEO and the man that hired the inventor of the Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak. He is now a Best-selling Author with his book ‘Up Your Game’. He is convinced that his success has come from his ability to network and build relationships with other people and now wants the world to know how important personal relationships are. In today’s show, David talks to Jacob how personal relationships have given him success in his professional career, the importance of showing up and why he follows up with everyone who he’s met that day, every evening.

    images“When you go out of your way to help another person they will have an intuitive desire to pay it back” – David Bradford

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    No matter where you are on your career trajectory, a new college graduate, a CEO, or anywhere in between, networking is essential to your success. David Bradley rose from humble beginnings to become CEO of two of the country’s top 50 tech companies and is arguably the most connected human on planet Earth. Today he tells Jacobs his secrets to networking success and why you should be showing up wherever you can.

    “The world needs dreamers; the world needs doers but most of all the world needs dreamers that do!” – David Bradford

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with David Bradford (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’30” – About David and how he got to where he is today
    • 05’07” – What David learned from Eric Schmidt and Steve Wozniak
    • 07’20” – David’s 60-30-10 rule
    • 11’20” – How to start networking
    • 12’20” – Why David believes that 90% success in life is just showing up
    • 15’38” – David’s follow up rule
    • 19’12” – Why David categorizes his emails and how this helps him in business and life
    • 23’05” – Why it’s important to be a person of integrity
    • 25’55” – David’s top tips to success

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Introduction:  Welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. The show that walks you step by step to improving strategies you can use today to grow your business. We show you how being kind, useful and, of course, enchanting will bring you more clients and build a thriving community. Now here’s your host from sunny San Diego, Jacob Sapochnick.

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer podcast. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs and business people from all over the world who share their inspiration with us and help us do our work much better and stay inspired.

    Today, I have an exciting guest, David Bradford. David is known as the human internet. He’s a highly successful CEO and actually the man that hired the inventor of the Apple computer, Steve Wozniak. He’s now a best-selling author and he has an amazing book called Up Your Game – we’ll talk about that.

    David rose from humble beginnings to become CEO of two of the country’s Top 50 tech companies and is arguably the most connected human on the planet Earth. We’ll talk about his book and we’ll talk about many other things. David is also an attorney which is pretty exciting because most of our listeners are lawyers.

    David, welcome to the show. I’m very excited to have you here.

    David:  Jacob, it’s great to be with you, and great to be with your audience today. Look forward to chatting with you.

    Jacob:  We here, both of us in California. It’s Sunday. What a great way to start the morning. We’re talking about entrepreneurship and all the great things that you’ve done.

    David, why don’t you tell us – I introduced you a little bit but why don’t you tell us, our audience, about yourself and how did you get to what you do today.

    David:  Sure. I practice law actually for 23 years until the year 2000. Large part of my career was 15 years as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Novell. At the time, Novell was one of the world’s two or three largest software companies behind Microsoft. It invented local area networking connecting PC’s together and sharing files and common storage, those sorts of things. It was a great company. At one point, Novell had a market value that exceeded that of the Top 5 US airlines combined. It was a remarkable company, a remarkable run. In 2000 I turned 50 and I retired – I thought – but I dove back into business.

    Jacob: When you worked in Novell you were the general counsel. What do you think that was some of the challenges that you were facing back then as an attorney but also you saw yourself as entrepreneur doing great things? What was the state of the market back then as far as technology as it relates to legal?

    David:  Well, going back in time into the early 80s, software was not copyrightable or patentable in the traditional sense. So we actually were in the very, very early part of being able to patent computer software and processes and those sorts of things. That was a big thing that happened in the 80s in terms of computer software.

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    Show Notes

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