• EL 031: Storytelling + Social Ads = Success, with BlitzMetrics

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    “You can convert [the things people share] into business results if you understand how to do it in a way that is not spammy.” – Dennis Yu

    If social advertising tools, like Facebook Ads and Google Analytics, drive you insane, today’s guests, Alex Houg and Dennis Yu from BlitzMetrics, break it down in the simplest terms. Tune in to learn about how to send the right message at the right time, how to yield the highest conversion rate, and how to nurture relationships with clients online and translate them into ROI.

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    “There is no substitute for being a good storyteller, for having expertise.” – Dennis Yu

    If you are a plastic surgery doctor or a personal injury lawyer, and your clients sometimes do not wish to advertise their story online for you, how can still build your reputation for potential clients to see? Nonetheless, everyone has got a story to tell, and it all depends on how you amplify the angle. Other important questions are answered in today’s podcast, including how to drive up your conversion data, and how you can target and tag people on all of your platforms.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 01’58” Learn about the BlitzMetrics team and the dynamics of their partnership
    • 06’34” Advertising on social
    • 11’40” How Facebook Ads has changed
    • 21’42” Three-Campaign Funnel
    • 23’38” What social ads can do for a service-based business
    • 30’10” How to target, retarget, and drive up conversion
    • 35’02” Mistakes people make with Facebook Ads – “If you didn’t start with having a successful business, there is nothing to amplify.”
    • 37’15” The future of Facebook

    Written Podcast Transcript:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick. I’m the founder of enchantinglawyer.com, host of the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast as well. Welcome to our show. We’re excited to have you here today. Today, we have not one but two exciting guests: Dennis Yu and Alex Houg from BlitzMetrics.

    BlitzMetrics is one of the leading social strategy companies. This is the company that uses social tactics to amplify business results. They’re very well-known in this medium. Both Alex and Dennis are experts in their field and I’m very, very honored and excited to have them here on the show. Welcome. How are you guys?

    Dennis:  Thank you so much for having us, Jacob. We’re doing extremely well.

    Jacob:  Before I let you introduce your company and yourselves, I wanted to tell our listeners that I always talk about Facebook, on using Facebook, and why should they use Facebook, and how they should use Facebook effectively. I think one of those elements is ads and strategy in this particular medium. Not just Facebook but primarily in this particular platform. I think the two of you really perfected the system and you’re one of the few that really understand how that works. I’m very excited that you’re here.

    Before we jump into some of these strategies and some of the questions that people want to know about how to effectively use ads in Facebook and what you can do with it, why don’t you introduce yourselves and tell us what you do and how you do it. Why don’t we start with Alex.

    Alex:  Alright. So, Alex here. I’ve been doing online marketing since 14 years old. I started with e-commerce websites. That propelled me in small business consulting among other things.

    I joined the BlitzMetrics team about two years ago. A few months ago was placed into the role of CEO. To direct the vision of what BlitzMetrics does is to drive social results and social ROI for businesses because businesses and brands don’t know how to measure, don’t know how to do proper attribution from their online marketing.

    The second problem we’re looking to solve is with students. Allowing them to get real-world, hands-on experience. Get paid at the same time but most importantly, get to work in their passion area. This is where we line up businesses and students together.

    So these students can then work on businesses in their passion area following our framework so it’s not just students going willy-nilly at these campaigns. They’re being closely monitored following our frameworks that we’ll discuss today, and just solving these two problems all at once.

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