• EL 030: How to Stand Out with Innovative Marketing Ideas and Sponsorships, with Jason SurfrApp

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    There is a differentiating factor to every person and every business, and most of that comes from your story.” – Jason SurfrApp You know sometimes in your life when you run into someone who is making a living out of something you never knew existed? Well, Jason SurfrApp is probably one of them. Simply put, he made over 1 million dollars 5 years into his sponsorship business, which is wearing companies’ logos. It may sound easy but in today’s episode, we will dive into Jason SurfrApp’s innovative marketing ideas to capitalize on your entrepreneurship.



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    Jason SurfrApp answers how you can turn your passion into profit by somehow “selling” yourself or your ideas. The controversial nature of what SurfrApp does is similar to the law profession. We all know how many people hate lawyers for absolutely no reason. They all think we must be liars in this lucrative business. SurfrApp, on the other hand, is selling his last name for thousands of dollars. In the age of social media, hateful messages are only made easier to be delivered. Unlike any of my previous guests, Jason SurfrApp may be the only one who is trying to cut back on his social media usage. Not that I would blame him, because it does get hurtful sometimes. How can you make sponsorships long-term? How can you build relationships off of sponsorships to further benefit your business? How can you utilize the contacts and the audience the sponsor already has? Jason SurfrApp addresses all of the questions in today’s podcast.  In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 01’18” About Jason’s unique sponsorship
    • 03’14” His book Creativity for Sale
    • 04’11” Jason SurfrApp’s passion
    • 06”56” Dealing with hostile messages
    • 08’54” Tips for creativity
    • 13’25” Starting a sponsorship campaign
    • 21’38” Definition of success
    • 23’12” “The Rebel within Us” project
    • 31’37” Tips for entrepreneurs – “Be willing to ASK.”

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Jason SurfrApp (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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