• EL 028: How to Short Cut to Success and Happiness, with Mark Lack

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    Pain motivates change.” – Mark Lack

    Mark Lack helps you understand how to achieve anything you want in life, business or relationship, with a simple formula. Lack has read countless books and invested so much in his own education; that’s why he wants to be able to be there for the young adult base and guide them to success.


    To learn more about Mark Lack: go to Thepeakperformanceclub.com


    Twitter: @TheReal_PPC

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    Not that age matters, but today’s guest, Mark Lack, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, will blow your mind off with his refreshing vision, level of confidence, eloquence, and knowledge. He did the things successful people do – he started pursuing his passion at the age of 14, which is something unsuccessful people are not willing to do. He learned from the best, his father, a successfully entrepreneur himself, to be the best. He takes a lot of great qualities from athletes, such as determination, into the personal development and entrepreneurial world.

    Lack firmly believes that a lot of millionaires started out poor; and pain will cause change. Nobody should stay in their comfort zone forever – they need to get uncomfortable before they get comfortable, especially the younger generation.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 01’08” Learn about Mark Lack and his “The Peak Performance Club
    • 06’38” Lack’s inspiration and motivation
    • 09’53” How Lack defines success
    • 12’30” How to succeed – Improvement
    • 15’24” Perceptions and associations
    • 20’10” Are to-do lists necessary?
    • 24’04” The power of focus – “Control your focus, and then you’ll control ultimately the results you start getting in life a lot better.”
    • 27’20” How to be more confident
    • 34’06” Lack’s favorite quote
    • 36’25” Lack’s book recommendation – “Awaken the Giant Within”, Anthony Robbins

    Written Podcast Transcript:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick with enchantinglawyer.com. Welcome to our podcast. Today, I have Mark Lack as our special guest.

    Mark is the founder and CEO of The Peak Performance Club. It’s the world’s number one source for empowering great results in young adults. He’s an entrepreneur, he’s a coach. He’s a young guy and he’s doing great things. Mark is also a former professional paintball player. He’s actually won the highest financial reward in paintball history.

    Mark, welcome to our show.

    Mark:  Great to be here. I appreciate you having me on your show.

    Jacob:  Definitely. Mark, tell me a bit about your journey.

    Mark:  Awesome. I’d be happy to.

    It’s sort of a long story because it’s about ten years but I’ll speed it up here for the audience.

    It really started back when I wanted to get into paintball, oddly enough. I was around 14 years old and trying to convince my loving and supportive parents to get me into this super expensive hobby called paintball. So, I painted in the picture of where I wanted to be.

    No, I’m not going to just take all your money for this expensive hobby. I actually want to do something with it. I want to become one of the best in the world and play on this crazy, professional team, the best team in the world called Dynasty with these older guys that are awesome. They win everything. Parents were like, “Okay, alright, Mark. You’re going to be the best in the world and do this.”

    Speeding a long story up, my parents supported me in this decision. Within about three to four years, I was on the best team in the world, being one of the best professional players in the world, traveling the world, doing everything and more that I talked about doing at age 14. Towards the end of my career in paintball, I really got into personal development.

    One of the people that really started me on that journey was Tony Robbins. I did a lot of things in paintball that normal people, even the professionals, weren’t doing. One of those things was I trained at a facility where Olympians were trained and where college athletes that want to be professional athletes were trained. I did things … You know the old saying “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.”

    And so my dad, being a successful entrepreneur himself, was able to instill great parts of wisdom into me and one of those was “Learn from the best if you want to be the best.” I did that in paintball. It worked out great. In three to four years I became one of the best in the world. Now I’m really taking a lot of those principles and the mindset that it took for me to be the best in the world in that specific area and now I’m carrying that over into the entrepreneurial world which is where I’m at today.

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    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Mark Lack (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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