• EL 019: How to Transition from a Wealthy & Unhappy Lawyer to being the Lawyer You Love, with Alexis Neely

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    I want a building, where when people come in, they relax, they don’t even feel like they are walking into a lawyer’s office. They drive right up to the door. They just are able to completely relax.” – Alexis Neely, describing her dream office building, which she made happen with her own hands.

    Ever wonder how you can start your own practice and make it a one-million-dollar-a-year generating business within just three years of launching? Ever wonder how you can only work three days in the office and enjoy life for once? Ever wonder how you can create the perfect system for your office to engage clients? Alexis Neely breaks it all down for you.


    Find Alexis Neely and read her story at http://lawbusinessmanifesto.com/

    Go to www.lawbusinessmentors.comwww.LoveYourLawPractice.com, or www.newlawbusinessmodel.com/engage for more information, and upcoming call training or webinar that Neely is hosting. Look out for the new books Neely is working on now, called “You Are Not Your Credit Score” and “Financial Liberation”.

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    Unlike a lot of young people, Alexis Neely did not grow up wanting to be an entrepreneur. However, working at a law firm for three years helped her realize that she wanted to use her legal knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives; therefore, she left to start her own firm. I felt like she was telling my story. I had the same struggle when I first entered the industry, as I watched some lawyers, who had been practicing for decades but still working long hours, living a stressful life.

    In about three years, Neely turned her practice into a one-million-dollar-a-year generating business. She built the perfect “Client Engagement System” so lawyers can have an enjoyable life and “remain just in the role that [they] love.” You will appreciate the valuable information Neely generously shares about setting up the system.

    So many expectations go into defining a woman’s social role in the modern society. It’s understandable that a lot of women are just unhappy with their work and personal lives. Alexis Neely, who established so much at a young age and carried so much weight of the motherly and professional responsibilities, was not attracted to the fame or wealth but strived to make her actions count for something.

    You will absolutely love the story of this epiphany Neely had that led her to break free of the “cage”. Her enlightening story of the human instinct that always urges people to do more, get a better job, climb higher, push yourself farther, will resonate with you infinitely.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 00’58” Learn about Alexis Neely’s entrepreneurial journey and how coaching helped her
    • 06’23” Self-care
    • 09’15” Challenges Neely faced in the beginning
    • 16’10” Neely’s Client Engagement System and her valuable tips
    • 29’02” Neely’s failure
    • 38’16” Accept your other persona
    • 40’22” A meaning quote to Neely

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Alexis Neely (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    EL 019: How to Transition from a Wealthy & Unhappy Lawyer to being the Lawyer You Love, with Alexis Neely from jacob sapochnick on Vimeo.

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