• EL 009: Education-Based Marketing Using YouTube Videos – with Gerry Oginski

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    As the Founder of The Law Office Of Gerald Oginski based in New York, Gerry Oginski’s track record, experience, and background will amaze you. However, we are not here today to talk about his exemplary professional honors or his countless publications – I would like to pick his brains about being a video marketing pioneer in the legal field.

    If you are a decent attorney starting your own firm or thinking about going solo, before you know it, your referral sources will become your biggest concern soon without the support of a marketing team, then this podcast is for you. If you are following other attorney’s footsteps, doing traditional newspaper or television advertisement, and seeing very little result, then this podcast is for you. If you are a hard-working attorney who gets a little frightened by public speaking or getting on camera, this podcast is for you because Gerry Oginski is an outstanding speaker – almost born to be on camera.


    “By you teaching and educating your consumer, that’s one of the key ways that you can distinguish yourself because 99% of your competitors and your colleagues are not doing that.”

    – Gerry Oginski, when asked about the best tip for attorneys to market themselves

    When Gerry Oginski went out on his own as a medical malpractice attorney, he struggled to successfully market himself. He revolutionized the idea and the way of attorneys marketing themselves. By learning the strategy of education-based marketing, he transformed his own business and now reaches out to other attorneys in need of marketing advice. Gerry Oginski believes that education and trust are the most important factors in growing a client base, and today he’s here to show us how he uses YouTube to connect to prospective clients. It doesn’t matter how long you have been doing video marketing, stop what you are doing right now and watch my interview with Gerry Oginski. His suggestions, stories, and tips are not to be missed for the world!

    You can learn more about Gerry Oginski here. You can also connect with him on all social platforms, such as Facebook.

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    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 01.05 – The status of video marketing now
    • 01.05 – Why and how Gerry learnt and took advantage of video marketing
    • 08.00 – Why marketing is important for lawyers
    • 08.25 – The power of YouTube today, especially in relation to attorneys
    • 11.00 – Marketing strategies –the need for video marketing as part of a marketing package
    • 14.35 – Tips on creating a successful video
    • 21.37 – YouTube-maximizing it’s effect, transcripts and thumbnails
    • 30.35 – Gerry’s 3 marketing tips for new businesses
    • 34.00 – Gerry’s (two!) generous offers to Enchanting Lawyer listeners

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Gerry Oginski (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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