• E091: How not to forget about the music and your sweet spot with hip hop lawyer, Evita G. Kaigler

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    “I’m a music person first, and I just happen to be a lawyer” – Evita G. Kaigler

    For those working in the music industry, there is a lot of potential for people to take advantage of you. Whether you are a performing artist, songwriter or producer, the likelihood is that your talent lies in the creative side and not the legal side. Evita G. Kaigler is a specialised music lawyer and helps those in the industry to protect their rights and their work, all driven through her obvious passion for music. In today’s show, Evita chats to Jacob about how to start out as a music lawyer, as well as in the music industry, her new book – ‘Don’t Forget about the Music’, and the future of legalities in the music industry.


    “At the core of what I do, is I help to manage, protect, and sort out any sort of opportunities and deals that are centred around my client’s intellectual property”– Evita G. Kaigler Play Podcast

    Ever since she can remember, Evita G Kaigler has loved music, and after deciding that she didn’t want to be a performer, she decided that she wanted to be a music industry lawyer. She now helps performing artists, songwriters, producers, managers to understand their rights and set them on the right path to be successful.She has just released her book – ‘Don’t Forget about the Music’, and in today’s show Jacob and Evita talk about turning her music passion into a niche, technology and what the future holds for the music industry and how to start out as a music lawyer.

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Evita Kaigler (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’42” – How Evita got started out in law and music
    • 04’54” – Typical music issues that Evita deals with day to day
    • 08’30” – Evita’s advice for those starting out as a performer or manager
    • 12’48” – The future of the music industry
    • 18’03” – Evita’s thoughts on live streaming
    • 21’03” – Evita’s tips on how to get into being a music lawyer

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick, the host of the Enchanting Lawyer podcast. Today I am excited to interview a very interesting accomplished attorney. Her name is Evita Kaigler. Evita is an attorney, public speaker, author, philanthropist, and champion for musical integrity. As the founder of the Law Offices of Evita G. Kaigler, she leads the firm through her proficiency as music lawyer and a consultant in the major recording, music publishing and the independent music market. The firm serves as legal counsel for some of hip hop’s rising star such as Big K.R.I.T, Joey Bada$$, Jarren Benton, and many, many others. Evita finds great love and purpose in her capacity as a music lawyer and consultant, serving a deal maker for clients with companies such as Def Jam, Sony, Universal Music Publishing, and many, many others. Recently she’s working on her first book Don’t Forget About The Music: How to Build Your Foundation for Success in The Music Space and it’s going to come out very soon if it’s not already been published. Evita, welcome to the show. How are you?

    Evita:  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am great. I’m excited to be speaking with you and about all things music coming from my end.

    Jacob:  Perfect.

    Like I mentioned in the beginning, I always like to … there’s just too many lawyers who are doing the same thing. They just go to work, they do their thing, and they’re not passionate about what they do. I just looked a little bit about what you do, a bit of research, and I just feel that you are truly passionate about this area.

    Before we dive in to some of these questions about what you do, why don’t you kind of tell us more about yourself and how did you get started. First of all in law and why focus on music law.

    Evita:  Gotcha!

    Well, I am a music lawyer and I always say that music is my drug of choice. Well, I don’t have this in any other areas because I am passionate about music. I think it’s just the way that I’m wired. When I’m really into something, I am all in. When I’m not, I’m not all in. My heart isn’t in it. I’m pretty sure I wear my non-enthusiasm on my sleeve and I just can’t be my fullest for something that I don’t want to do or that I’m not passionate about. I’d rather spin the time and make the sacrifices trying to figure out how to make something that I love work as oppose you spending time trying to make something work out that I don’t love. So that’s just how I’ve been wired so that has certainly served me in getting to this point.

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    Show Notes

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