• E089: The Art and Science of Body Language with The Real World:Brooklyn Reality TV star Baya Voce

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    “If I am being reacted to in a certain way, there’s a reason why” – Baya Voce

    Baya Voce was one of the stars of the MTV reality TV show, The Real World. From her experience in moving to Brooklyn and living in a shared house with other characters, Baya became interested in personal relationships and how we interact. She used the knowledge that she gained to help match making and then moved on to helping people forge and build all types of relationships. In today’s show, Baya and Jacob chat about increasing confidence, body language and using body language to build trust.


    “What I know is that powerful relationships create movement”– Baya Voce Play Podcast

    They say that relationships make the world go round. How we interact between each other is more than just words, but it is actually very simple. Baya Voce became interested in human interaction after appearing on MTV’s The Real World, and has now taken her understanding to a new level. In today’s show, Jacob talks to Baya about how we can build confidence and trust.

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Baya Voce (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 00’25” – About Baya and how she became interested in relationships
    • 06’02” – The burning reality TV question – how much is natural and how much is scripted?
    • 09’40” – Neuro Linguistic Programming – what is it and how can it help you?
    • 12’00” – The technique of emotional anchoring
    • 19’16” – Building trust and being liked
    • 24’10” – Baya’s techniques for building confidence, trustworthiness and attractiveness
    • 32’15” – Baya’s body language tips to get ahead in business

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody and welcome to The Enchanting Lawyer podcast. This is your host, Jacob Sapochnick. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs, business people, and just creative individuals that inspire us to do our work better. Today I have a very cool and exciting guest, her name is Baya Voce.

    As a cast member of MTV’s The Real World, Baya transformed her TV exposure into an abundant business and speaking career. She has founded three companies. Most recently Secret SLC based around being bold and building powerful relationships to leverage success.

    Baya is a nationally (audio cuts) and professional development expert and appears monthly on a top ABC affiliate station at Salt Lake’s resident relationship specialist. She travels internationally researching emotional intelligence, studying positive psychology, body language, NLP, and mentoring under intimacy experts.

    Baya, welcome to the show. I’m so excited to have you here. How are you?

    Baya:  Hi. I’m so great. Thanks so much. I’m really excited.

    Jacob: And you are – just so our listeners know – you’re in Salt Lake right now as we’re recording this, right?

    Baya:  I am, yeah.

    Jacob:  I met Baya personally at an event that we both attended and I loved Utah, I love the people there. You’re just another example of the cool people there that come from that beautiful state.

    Baya:  Yey! I love Salk Lake.

    Jacob:  Baya, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself. You have a very interesting background. You were a reality TV personality. Just tell us about your background. How did you get to do this and what do you do today?

    Baya:  Yeah. I was on MTV’s The Real World. Gosh! I guess it’s about 8 years ago now. I was 21 (audio cuts) asked on the show. Well, I could say that it was a total accident and my friend just dragged me around. It was really like … I was going to make it on a reality show. I really wanted to be on TV. It was kind of like … I don’t know. Something I had wanted since I was a kid.

    So when I got cast on the show I moved to Brooklyn and I was so excited. It was moving to Brooklyn and being on the show that really got me interested in relationships. I think because it was like being dumped in this kind of odd sociological experiment where you have cameras around you (audio cuts) with people that you’re meant to not get along with and they know there’s going to be controversy around … It was just being dumped in an experiment.

    So I got fascinated with really this question, who am I being in order for people to be who they are towards me. I’ll say that one more time just because it’s kind of tricky. Who am I being in order for people to be who they are towards me. I just thought if I am being reacted to a certain way, there’s a reason. If more than one person is reacting to me in a certain way (audio cuts) to dissect what that was. Why I was either liked or not liked, trusted or not trusted. Why I would get boyfriends or not get boyfriends. That whole question really made me dive into my first company which was matchmaking.

    So I was a matchmaker …

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    Show Notes


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