• E082: Building Social Communities and creating conversations using Live Streaming technology with Brian Fanzo


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    “I firmly believe that your first  impression no longer happens with the clothes you’re wearing, rather it’s the first impression of your digital footprint” – Brian Fanzo

    Brian Fanzo is a guru in the world of technology and social media. Having cut his teeth at the US Military, he then branched out into the world of social media and now works helping businesses to embrace change using technology. In today’s show, Brian and Jacob chat about the need for great content, why being authentic is essential for business today and using live streaming technology to really engage with people.


    “I try my best to focus on great content, not just lots of content”– Brian Fanzo

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    The internet offers a wealth of different ways for a business to engage with their customers and potential customers. Brian Fanzo is an expert in these different methods and one of his favorite is through live streaming. Today he chats to Jacob about using live streaming to build a brand and being authentic.

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Brian Fanzo (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 03’00” – Brian’s story
    • 06’00” – Why Brian believes that social media is so important
    • 10’45” – Being ‘authentic’ – how and why
    • 12’03” – About creating great content
    • 15’25” – About live streaming
    • 25’53” – Brian’s live streaming theory – “Think like a fan”
    • 29’17” – Different live streaming apps – what to use no and in the future
    • 37’05” – Brian’s 3 top tips for social media

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick, host of the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. This is the show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs and business people from all over the world who share their knowledge, inspiration with us to make us do our job much better.

    Today, I’m very excited because in the past few weeks I’ve been experimenting with a few new technologies. One of them is live streaming and I know a lot of our listeners were sending me emails about this – what it’s all about, how can we use it. I’m very excited today because the guest that I have on the show is somebody that’s been using this technology and he perfected it and he knows what he’s doing. He’ll be here to share with us what he knows. I think that this is going to be a very exciting episode.

    Today, I have Brian Fanzo. Brian is a Chief Digital Strategist and a partner at Broadsuite and he’s leading the digital and social business change at this company. The Economist Intelligence Unit along with IBM included Brian on their list of Top 25 Social Business Leaders thanks to his direction and leadership in the social media field. He’s just an amazing guy. Brian, thanks for coming on the show.

    Brian:  Thanks so much for having me and I appreciate it. I love seeing different industries and different people exploring new technology, especially live streaming. I’m excited to talk about it and love the use cases that you’re building as well.

    Jacob:  Thank you. First of all, I know that you moved to Virginia recently. Hopefully your move is going well.

    Brian:  It’s crazy. We moved the whole family. I have three daughters under six years old. We moved from Arizona to Virginia. For the most part, I have my office set up and the kitchen set up so everything else can stay in boxes for a while.

    Jacob:  Absolutely, very good. That’s part of being in this field. You can move whenever you want and still continue to work. It’s very exciting.

    Brian, I saw you live at the San Diego Social Media Day a few months ago I have to tell you that your energy, and your passion, and the knowledge you shared really caught my attention. I was really inspired by your presentation, the way you share content, and the way you use the technology you were talking about. That’s one thing that I wanted to let you know that I really admire what you do and I think you are really changing this field of social media right now using this technology.

    Brian, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

    Brian:  Sure. I really appreciate that. It was an awesome event that Tyler Anderson, a fellow San Diegan, put on there. I really appreciate those kind words.

    For me, I’m a technology guy. I was a Computer Science major in college, came with a technology background. I actually worked in cyber defense for nine years with the Department of Defense. I’ve been to Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Kuwait, all over the world really working with the US Military, deploying cyber security and social business tools to drive collaboration.

    I kind of pivoted from that a couple of years ago and focused on … I worked on a startup in the technology space on growing social business. Now kind of branched out on my own, partnered up with Daniel Newman, and we kind of help brands embrace change. I often introduce myself as a change evangelist. Most people know me actually not by my first or last name, but actually by my Twitter handle which is iSocialFanz. It’s a little bit of play on my last name.

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    Show Notes

    • Brian’s Twitter
    • Book – Gary Vaynerchuk – ‘Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook’
    • Book – Jay Baer – ‘You-tility’
    • BlaB.im



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