• E081: Twitter & How to Dominate your Market, with Joel Comm


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    “Social media is really just the online element of how we build relationships” – Joel Comm

    Joel Comm is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and internet consultant. He started his first website in the infancy of the internet and has since then used his skills to write best selling books, create apps which have gone viral, helped many businesses with their social media and even inspired people to be better people. Today Jacob talks to Joel about how social media will help your business, the importance of good content and his “Do Good Stuff” t-shirts.


    “Social media has amplified how important relationships are regardless of our business”– Joel Comm

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    When it comes to the internet, Joel Comm has done it all, from launching one of the world’s first websites, developing the i-Fart app, to writing top selling books about Twitter. What he doesn’t know about the internet isn’t worth knowing. In today’s show, Jacob talks to Joel about the value of social media for businesses, building relationships and his i-Fart app.

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Joel Comm (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’57” – About Joel, the internet and being an entrepreneur
    • 05’30” – Using social media in business
    • 09’25” – The importance of blogging
    • 15’00” – Joel’s favourite social media
    • 19’11” – About Joel’s top-selling book about Twitter
    • 20’10” – About Joel’s ‘Do Good Stuff” t-shirts
    • 23’10” – About Joel’s i-Fart app

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Introduction:  Welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. The show that walks you step by step to improving strategies you can use today to grow your business. We show you how being kind, useful and, of course, enchanting will bring you more clients and build a thriving community. Now here’s your host from sunny San Diego, Jacob Sapochnick.

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, and welcome to The Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. This is your host Jacob Sapochnick and I’m actually recording this from the French Alps. I’m here in France and I’ve been spending here about a week now, and meeting exciting people. Our guest today is an amazing person. He’s an innovator in social media. I’ll introduce him in a few minutes.

    Our guest today is Joel Comm. He’s an entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and a new media innovator. He’s also an expert on harnessing the power of the web, publishing social media and mobile applications in order to expand your brand’s reach and engage in active relationship marketing. He’s a sought after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create new media campaigns and more. The thing is he just came back from Asia just recently. Joel, welcome to the show.

    Joel:  Well, thanks Jacob. Yeah, I did. Well, I’d say just a week ago I got back from Asia and I’m still recovering from jet lag.

    Jacob:  I’m going to be in your shoes in about a week or so when I’m back in the US.

    I gave a little bit of an intro about you but I think that a lot of my listeners who are attorneys and are always looking for new things, how to make their marketing, their reach, and making relationship with their customers and fellow attorneys. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself? You are kind of a unique breed in social media because you’ve been doing this for many, many years even before the web was what it is today. Why don’t you take us a little bit back, and tell us how you started, and what you do today?

    Joel:  Yeah. I got started 20 years ago, actually. My first website was in 1995 and there was only 18,000 sites in the world that year. It just turned 20 years old. Since that time, I’ve done just about everything that’s not illegal, or immoral, or out of line. From affiliate marketing, blogging, podcasting, video creation, product creation, information products, book offerings, speaking, application development, software development. I’m kind of like a kid with a pale and a shovel looking for a sandbox to play. I just like trying different things and seeing what interests me. I’m doing a lot of traveling and speaking right now and hopefully inspiring entrepreneurs elsewhere to go and do likewise.

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