• E071: The power of Pinterest for Lawyers and Branding with Leslie H. Tayne, Esq.


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    “Truthfully, I think the reason people hire me is because of me” – Leslie Tayne

    Leslie H. Tayne, Esq. has more than a decade of experience in the practice area of consumer and business financial debt-related services. She launched her law firm,Tayne Law Group, P.C., formerly Law Offices Of Leslie H. Tayne P.C., in 2001, which is one of the few New York State law practices concentrating in debt management, debt resolution and bankruptcy alternatives for consumers, small business owners and professionals who are in need of help with managing finances. Leslie is a great believer that social media can help in marketing a law practice and in today’s show she chats to Jacob about the benefits of building strong relationships with clients, using the internet and the future of the practice of law.



    “As you start to get smarter and start to age in your practice area, you have to recognise that there are some people that you can’t help” – Leslie Tayne

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    Leslie Tayne specialises in debt-related law and has been building her practice since 2001. She really believes that the future of law is based on building meaningful relationships with clients and being more personable. Today she talks to Jacob about how she uses social media to boost her marketing, the value of networking and the future of law practice.

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Leslie Tayne (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’50” – About Leslie and how she got into being a det lawyer
    • 05’12” – Why Leslie believes that people hire her
    • 09’41” – What Leslie learned the hard way about practising law
    • 12’50” – About Leslie’s marketing strategy
    • 16’25” – How and why Leslie uses Pinterest
    • 24’14” – Where Leslie believes the practice of law is going
    • 26’07” – About Leslie’s book – Life and Debt
    • 29’30” – Leslie’s final tip

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Introduction:   Welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. The show that walks you step by step to improving strategies you can use today to grow your business. We show you how being kind, useful and, of course, enchanting will bring you more clients and build a thriving community. Now here’s your host from sunny San Diego, Jacob Sapochnick.

    Jacob:   Hello everybody, welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. This is Jacob Sapochnick, your host.

    Over the past few episodes we had very interesting people who are non-lawyers or recovering lawyers and I wanted to get some more lawyers on the show. I got some emails from people that want to hear interesting stories about creative attorneys who do amazing things in their fields and today I have one. An amazing attorney from New York, from the East Coast. Today we have Leslie Tayne.

    Leslie launched her law firm in 2001 which is one of the few New York state law practices concentrating in debt management, debt resolution, and bankruptcy alternatives for consumers, small business owners and professionals who are in need of help with managing finances. She’s a highly respected consumer in business debt-related expert. She’s often called upon by the media to comment on vast related money and debt topics and issues.

    Among the various news outlets, she has interviewed with USA Weekend, US News, World Report, the New York Daily, Forbes, Huffington Post and many, many others. She’s often on TV, on the radio, and she has a new book that she launched – her first book – and I’m very excited to have Leslie on the show. Hi Leslie.

    Leslie:   Hi. Thanks so much for having me today.

    Jacob:   Excellent. Very exciting.

    Like I said in the beginning it’s – there’s something about lawyers who are doing amazing things outside of their practice and innovating that excites me and excites a lot of our listeners, and I’m always curious to find out why people are doing what they’re doing.

    So, why don’t you tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and why did you want to become an attorney.

    Leslie:   Sure.

    So, like you started to say I’m an attorney, I practice on the East Coast – mostly in the New York Metropolitan area. My practice is quite unique. I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years now. I started out wanting to be a lawyer from day one.

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