• E065: The Power of Google+ and the How to use it with Martin Shervington


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    “The [Google+] community allowed me to do the thing that I’m passionate about” – Martin Shervington

    Martin Shervington, Law and Business Studies, LLB (Joint Hons), PG Dip Organisational Psychology, Master Practitioner NLP, has spent 15 years in this field working as an Executive Coach, Business Consultant and Marketing Psychologist. He is now based in UK and the US, and helps people and businesses to use the internet as a powerful marketing tool. In today’s show, Martin talks to Jacob about the power of Google+ for businesses and how to use to to propel your business to success.



    “From 100 people engaging, I’ve had about 300,000 unique visitors” – Martin Shervington

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    Most people have heard of Google+, and although it’s popularity is growing, it is still dwarfed by Facebook and Twitter in social media circles. It is unwide to ignore Google+, as, afterall it makes up part of the world’s biggest search engine. Martin Shervington is an expert in Google+ and how to use it in business. Today, Jacob and Martin chat about why every business should be on Google+ and how to make it work for them. Ignore it at your peril!

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Martin Shervington (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 02’19” – How and why Martin got into Google+
    • 04’50” – Why Google+?
    • 09’07” – How to make Google+ work for your business
    • 14’10” – How to get people engaged using Google+
    • 16’50” – How to get success with Google+
    • 22’44” – Martin’s tips on how to get better results with Google+
    • 23’10” – The future of Google+

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Introduction:   Welcome to the Enchanting Lawyer Podcast. The show that walks you step by step to improving strategies you can use today to grow your business. We show you how being kind, useful and, of course, enchanting will bring you more clients and build a thriving community. Now here’s your host from sunny San Diego, Jacob Sapochnick.

    Jacob:   Hello everybody, this is Jacob here with the Enchanting Lawyer podcast. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs, business people, and just amazing thought-leaders from all over the world that share their ideas with us and help us do better at what we do every single day.

    Again, the world tour continues. We had a couple of experts. Last week we spoke to an Israeli amazing expert, a week before we had a French guy and today we have a person from Australia. I have the great honor to have Martin Shervington.

    He’s a Google+ expert, he’s a consultant, he’s a very, very gifted blogger and he’s just one of those guys that understands the art of building communities. I learned recently that he has a law degree and a lot of our listeners are attorneys and professionals so I’m honored and excited to have Martin here in the show. Welcome Martin, how are you today?

    Martin:   I’m very good, Jacob. And I want to say – because people are going to go, “Why does he have a British accent?” I’m a brit but I did live in Australia after I graduated for a couple of years. I’m actually Welsh.

    Jacob:   You’re Welsh? Perfect. The world tour continues and now we have a Welsh. But I’m correct that you have a law degree. Were you an attorney or you just went to law school?

    Martin:   No, I have a law and business joint on this and I did my post-grad in Organizational Psychology.

    Jacob:   Beautiful. So you are one of us.

    Martin:   Yeah, almost. Almost, yeah.

    Jacob:   Very good, Martin.

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