• E058: The secret Formula to YouTube Video Success with Derral Eves

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    “I literally believe that a video will make you a million dollars, I’ve seen it done” – Derral Eves

    Derral Eves is highly experienced and has had much success in online marketing and video marketing. His passion is YouTube, video, and video marketing which made him one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in “Audience Growth”. With this, he believes that unique clients deserve unique solutions and thrives on helping his clients finding the answers to help them succeed. In today’s show Jacob talks to Derral about why video is becoming increasingly important to businesses today, and how they can use youtube to boost their marketing.



    “Everyone needs to have video as part of their content marketing strategies or they will get left behind” – Derral Eves

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    Derral Eves is an expert in YouTube. So much so that he has been officially certified by them in”Audience Growth”. He has helped his clients market themselves and  create millions of dollars worth of leads through the use of video. Today Jacob talks to Derral about how and why businesses should be using video as part of their marketing strategy.

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Derral Eves (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn

    • 01’57” – What got Derral into marketing and YouTube
    • 06’30” – Why businesses should bother with video
    • 09’56” – Things to think about when trying to make an effective video
    • 15’20” – Derral’s formula to making a good video
    • 19’37” – Derral’s thoughts on viral videos
    • 24’58” – Comments – why they’re important and how to get them
    • 28’10” – The future of YouTube and video in general

    Written Podcast Transcription:

    Jacob:  Hello everybody, this is Jacob Sapochnick with Enchanting Lawyer podcast. Welcome. This is a show where we interview the most inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world who share their ideas with us and inspire us actually to do our work better. Today we have a special guest, Derral Eves.

    We often talk about different things that we can do to build our businesses and I’m excited to have Derral here because he’s one of the few who master the craft of what he does.

    Derral Eves is a highly experienced marketer and has a lot of success in online marketing and video marketing. His passion is YouTube, videos and video marketing which made him one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube in audience growth.

    With these he believes that unique clients deserve unique solutions and thrives on helping his clients finding the answers to help them succeed online and in this very, very unique medium.

    Derral, welcome to the show. I’m very, very excited to have you here today.

    Derral:  Oh, I’m excited to be here, Jacob. Thanks for having me on.

    Jacob:  Why don’t you tell our listeners where are you today. I know you’re at home but tell us where you are.

    Derral:  I’m actually not at home. Actually I have an office. I have a couple of offices. I’m in my Southern Utah office right now.

    Jacob:  In Utah.

    Derral:  Yeah, yes. I’m just basically a few miles outside of Zion National Park. It’s very beautiful.

    Jacob:  That’s what I wanted to hear from you. Most of us are sitting in our offices, clicking away, and you’re just not far from Zion which is … If you’ve never been there, one of the most beautiful parks that we have here in the country.

    Derral:  I love it. I love where I live. And I love the opportunity to utilize the internet and YouTube specifically because I can live anywhere in the world and do what I love which is awesome. I love it.

    Jacob:  Excellent. Before we dive in, Derral, why don’t you tell us just briefly what got you into marketing and specifically into YouTube marketing. Again, you really took it to the next level, became … and I know it’s not easy to be certified by YouTube but you’ve done it.

    Tell us briefly about your journey and then we’ll dive in into this exciting …

    Derral:  Yeah, for sure, Jacob.

    For me, I always have been a part of marketing and an entrepreneur since at a young age. That’s what I decided to study in school. I actually got my degree in marketing and advertising.

    When I left I went to work as an Assistant Director for a public relations company and one of the contracts that we had was with the regional hospital. I really just didn’t like it. I hated the people telling me how much I could make. I was able to save a whole bunch of money, I ask for a $10,000 raise and they wouldn’t grant it to me so I basically quit and started my own company. That was back in 1999.

    I basically started out as someone that was doing internet marketing, graphic and web design and a little bit of video at that time. As it increased, I was trying to really find the best ways to generate traffic online and I would do the top techniques and so on.

    Well, in 2005 I was on Craigslist and I saw this ad for a new video platform. I was always interested in videos so I actually clicked on the ad and it took me to youtube.com. Not a lot of people know this but YouTube was actually giving away free iPods – those big, old brick iPods.

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