• Create a Rockstar Social Media Team for Your Practice

    Everyone is busy, especially lawyers. Between meeting with clients, trying cases and working to grow your business, you don’t always have time to snap photos for Instagram, write engaging tweets and respond to Facebook comments. That’s fine when it comes to your personal social media accounts. No one is likely to miss the photos of your cat or your check-in at your favorite restaurant. But, not being active on your professional social media accounts means missed opportunities and lost connections.

    So, how do you squeeze social media into your busy workday?

    The first step is to realize that you don’t have to do it alone. Just because it is your face in the profile picture doesn’t mean you need to be behind the keyboard for every post. You need a social media team.

    But what does a team have that you don’t have?

    A team has time: How long does it really take to write 140 characters? Not long, if you just do it once. But if you tweet several times a day plus post on Facebook, take and edit photos, chat with followers, and write a blog post, it all adds up to a big chunk of your day. Using a social media team spreads that time out, so it doesn’t add up too much for any team member.

    A team has attention: Social media is two-sided conversation. You can’t post and run and expect your social media plan to be successful. Followers, and potential clients, will comment, ask questions, and expect a timely response. But, you can’t whip out your smart phone in a courtroom or meeting to post on Facebook. Using a social media team means that several people have eyes on your accounts, so there is always someone to step in and keep the conversation going.

    A team has talent: When you started your practice you didn’t personally install the carpet in the building, design the logo or hook up the telephone system. Those things probably aren’t your talents, so you found the right people to handle them. A successful social media plan takes many different skills, from taking photographs, and shooting videos to writing meaningful content. Having a social media team means you are able to take advantage of everyone’s individual talents so the right person handles the right role.

    A team has creativity: We’ve all been there. You know you need to post something, but you are just staring at the empty text box with your mind blank and the “submit” button taunting you. Staying active and enchanting on social media takes fresh ideas and sometimes you just don’t have them. But, a team has many different viewpoints so when you are drawing a blank someone else is ready with the next big idea. Plus, team members can work in collaboration, bounce ideas off each other, and take a half-formed idea to a whole one.

    Where do you get this team?

    Right now, using a team approach to social media is sounding pretty good. But, how do you get a social media team? You have two options. You can hire one, or you can build one. Plenty on marketing companies offer social media services in which they take over your accounts and communicate on your behalf. It’s a hands-off approach that can be very effective.

    The other option is to build an in-house team. Pull a carefully selected group of coworkers and employees into your social media strategy and make them ambassadors of your brand. Creating a successful in-house team will take a well thought-out out set of policies, a plan that details who will fill what role, and training. It may take effort to put everything in place but the end result will be more robust social media interactions with the added benefit of employees that feel empowered and engaged.

    Who is involved in your social media plan? Do you have someone on your team who leads your social media strategy? Share your comments below…

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