• EL 014: How to Create a Powerful Lawyer Brand – with Daliah Saper

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    Part of the reason that I am successful now is because I have a rich body of information that I have been putting out consistently over the last nine years.” – Daliah Saper

    When Daliah Saper started her practice at the age of 24, she needed to figure out a way to reach out to people who wouldn’t be intimated by her age. Daliah Saper is the perfect example of a lawyer intelligently leveraging media and the Internet to build up her online presence and further benefit her legal business. Young entrepreneurs and attorneys will find her story inspiring. Neither will age, gender, nor the size of your law firm prevent your business from flourishing.


    Daliah Saper is one of the speakers at Lawyernomics 2014 in Las Vegas on April 23.

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    The main struggle Saper had in the early beginning, which is staring at a lot of lawyers in the face these days, is that ten years ago, nobody was required of such a significant online presence; whereas today, a website and a blog are just not enough. Throughout the program, Daliah Saper shares many useful tips with young entrepreneurs, the mistakes she has made, and the source of her inspiration.

    The valuable information and content she has been putting out constantly is what got her the media attention. One piece of incredible advice Saper has for all attorneys is that when news networks or programs are searching for a legal expert to comment on a case, they would like to find someone who either handles the case or has written about the case in their blog or on their website.

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 00’47” Learn about Daliah Saper and how she started her business
    • 02’48” How the industry has changed over the course of 10 years
    • 04’43” How Daliah builds her niche market and business
    • 08’10” How Daliah gets picked up by news networks for commentary
    • 08’53” What Daliah uses to monitor her reputation
    • 11’45” Daliah’s marketing and social media strategies
    • 14’25” How Daliah sees her gender advantages
    • 16’29” Daliah talks about her future
    • 17’50” Work and life balance in the legal field
    • 19’28” Daliah’s professional accomplishment
    • 21’15” Daliah’s management style
    • 22’41” A book Daliah recommends
    • 23’33” Daliah’s advice for young attorneys
    • 24’56” Mentorship

    “Part of the reason why we created a strong brand is I have only accepted cases that I feel that I can personally, confidently oversee or do it myself..it’s better to say no and not take on the headache of trying to manage something you are not specialized in or good at.” – Daliah Saper

    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Daliah Saper (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

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