• Create, Convince and Compel New Clients with Webinars


    Webinars are a powerful and highly effective way to reach new clients for your law practice. It is also one of the more affordable options for marketing and building your firm. Webinars are simply lessons, classes, or other types of learning medium that can be delivered easily to your clients. Ultimately, they work in every sector of the legal system and can be the most solid a solid building block you can have as an attorney to increase your presence both online and locally. Creating them does not have to be too expensive or time-consuming. They can even work for you over and over again. How can they be a part of your client?

    Understand What Webinars Are

    Webinars are a type of seminar done online. They can be workshops, tutorials, lectures or educational tools given to one or more people. Many firms offer these as a way to educate clients or to provide important step-by-step information about your firm. They can be a one-off meeting or they can be drawn out over five or six weeks. This flexibility and the ease of creating them makes webinars a simple must-have for today’s firm.

    How to Utilize Webinars in Your Practice

    As an attorney, you are already likely respected and considered an expert within your community. Webinars provide you with a venue to help you to communicate more information and provide more guidance to a larger set. Here are a few examples of how you can use these within your practices:

    • Use them to talk about the legal process. For example, a bankruptcy attorney can use a webinar to educate clients on the process of filing.
    • Use them as a tool to educate on rights and regulations. Discuss common misconceptions.
    • Utilize them as a marketing tool. For example, a personal injury attorney may create a webinar that focuses on showing individuals when they may have a claim and what steps to take.

    These are just a few of the many ways you can use webinars within your practice, of course. Once you do, you will then be able to share information online and through social media about the webinar. You can get people to it and then continue to use it to draw in new clients.

    Make Your Webinar a Success

    When you create a successful webinar, you’ll achieve a variety of benefits. For example, you will extend your reach within the community as well as online. Your clients now can be global – there is no limit (unless you create one) on who you can reach. You become an influencer. That is, you provide your clients with the information and resources they need to make decisions and to take legal actions. You also become a trusted, experienced professional within your community.

    Webinars can help you to build trust in your field of expertise as well as in your personal services and successes. This can help you to spread your firm and aids in helping you to capture new clients. Long term, you are building your firm’s brand, reaching new people, helping your clients, and achieving your business’s bottom line goals. Easy to create, inexpensive, and with the ability to provide long-term success, this is one tool that you do not want your law firm to be without in today’s digital world.

    Have you held webinars for your practice? What types of success have you had? Please share in the comments below. Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay enchanting.

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