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    21st century lawyers rely on cutting-edge tools and technology to excel within a demanding legal field. The days of scouring through physical copies of law books are largely gone, replaced instead with LexisNexis and Bloomberg. Similarly, typical marketing is on the way out, and advertising through social media is now an invaluable ally for attorneys and their law firms.

    To that end, AgoraPulse is a champion of social media tools that attorneys need to successfully market their legal practice. Read on to learn more about AgoraPulse and why any law firm can benefit from using the social media software.

    What Is AgoraPulse and How Does It Work?

    AgoraPulse is an all-in-one social media suite that helps businesses, agencies and law firms market and manage their social media. AgoraPulse users and customers are some of the largest supporters of the product, evidenced by the fact that it is one of the top rated social media management tools of 2015 as rated by users of these platforms.Social_Media_toold_AgoraPulse

    Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are easily managed through AgoraPulse thanks to a streamlined menu for easy navigation. With the menu features, you will be up and running in minutes, creating targeted user groups, generation ROI reports and setting up Facebook apps within minutes.

    For Twitter, you can easily filter your inbox as desired, view a calendar list of important tweets and monitor important keywords as specified by your business or law firm. The best part of AgoraPulse is that its feature-rich functionality blends with ease of use for a fully functional and easy to use social media marketing tool.

    AgoraPulse Keeps Social Media Streamlined and Simple

    The ease of use provided by AgoraPulse stems from its streamlined simplicity. A classic example of this is how AgoraPulse streamlines your social media messages.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.46.32 AM


    You can quickly navigate to the messages tab, where you can immediately see how many new comments, messages and tweets have hit your inbox since the last time you checked your messages. From one location, you can assign, tag, review and reply to all messages as you see fit, and you’re finished.

    This is merely one of the many ways AgoraPulse makes life easier for busy attorneys and law firms. When you are trying to get important documents delivered to the courthouse by a set deadline, the last thing you need stressing you out is an unwieldy or cumbersome social media marketing tool. AgoraPulse seamlessly integrates into an attorney’s daily lifestyle and work habits, making social media marketing intuitive and hassle-free.

    AgoraPulse Provides Flexibility for Your Firm

    Sticking with the previous example of heading down to the courthouse to deliver an important document, imagine how great it would be if your social media tool provided you with a mobile app that lets you handle social media marketing via mobile. With AgoraPulse, that is precisely what you can do, eliminating the need to get back into the office before you can manage your social media.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.53.43 AM


    Even better, the AgoraPulse mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) looks exactly the same as its desktop counterpart, ensuring you are familiar with the interface. Your accounts, interface and filter options will be exactly the same, and the added mobile convenience provides valuable flexibility for how your law firm can market and manage its social media platforms.


    Facebook even syncs in real-time so you can see the latest updates to your Facebook pages the moment you decide to check. All of these features provide convenience and flexibility without breaking the law firm’s marketing budget.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.55.17 AM


    AgoraPulse provides pricing options ranging from solo practices to large firms, ensuring that you can enjoy the social media management you need at a price point you can afford. Visit the AgoraPulse website to learn more about why it’s simple and affordable social media tools are the right choice for your legal practice. Do you have a question? Need some help? Have as suggestion? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

    Thank you for reading! Until next time, Be Enchanting!

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