Personal Branding

  • Marketing Automation: Gain Digital Traction For Your Firm

    Approximately 1,315,561 (2016) licensed attorneys competing for clients in 2017 and beyond will require superlative sales, marketing, and PR strategies. In this ever-changing, unforgiving economic climate, the legal firms (whether small or large) that will fare the best will be...

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  • YouTube Optimization

    YouTube Optimization: Tips to Help Your Videos Rank Above the Competition

    With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world (behind only Google) doesn’t it seem that attorneys without a YouTube channel to represent their firms are at a marketing disadvantage? Showcasing your brand, work environment, staff members...

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  • LinkedIn Profile - San Diego, California

    Is Your LinkedIn Profile is Up to Par?

    LinkedIn is, without a doubt, one of the most useful marketing tools an attorney can use in the modern era. Chances are, you already have a LinkedIn profile. The problem is that there’s just as great a chance that...

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  • Increase Open Rates

    Increase Open Rates for Your Email Marketing

    You’ve accomplished one of the most difficult aspects of marketing yourself as an attorney: you have added subscribers to your email list! But now, you’re noticing that far less than 100% of your newsletter subscribers are opening your emails....

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  • Attorney Branding - San Diego, California

    Branding Tips to Help You Stand Out

    How can you possibly stand out when there are already so many firms to compete with? The answer is just one word: branding. Take the following into consideration throughout the process of creating your professional brand.

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