• Build Your Lead Funnel with the Facebook Ad Tool

    Facebook Ad Tool

    How would you like to build your leads quickly, effortlessly, and cheaper than you ever thought possible? As an attorney, you know that it’s sometimes hard to generate Internet leads, but not for the reasons you think.  It isn’t because your potential clients hate ads — it’s the difficulty filling out the information. We love forms because they give us the information on our potential clients, but forms are unwieldy, especially when so many people are using their mobile devices as their primary Internet access point.

    Formulating Problems

    A good portion of your clients use their mobile devices as their main Internet access. Somewhere around 80 percent of people have a mobile device they use regularly and for the first time, we’ve seen that in March 2015, more people are using only mobile devices to access the Internet than using only desktops. And the number is sure to increase. While it is handy to have your smartphone or iPhone around, mobile devices are not the most efficient for entering data.

    Formulating a Better SolutionFacebook Ad Tool

    Mobile devices are the way of the future so it makes sense to serve ads that make it easier for your potential clients to sign up. That’s why Facebook’s lead ads are so important. With just two taps, your potential clients can send you the information you need to contact them to arrange a consultation. With Facebook’s lead ads, customers see the ad targeted at them. They tap on the ad, which then brings up a form you design already populated with the potential clients’ information that they entered, verify the information, and then with a tap send it. You get the lead quickly; they don’t have to do any more filling out forms.  And because the Facebook lead ads are customizable, you can determine what type of information you receive.

    A Real Game Changer

    Making something easy for customers to use takes the hassle out of getting new clients. Just ask the CEO at Properati.  He endorses Facebook’s Lead Ads wholehearted for his real estate business in generating leads:

    Lead ads were a game-changer product for Properati. In the past, we had tested similar products from other channels but they didn’t work for us. Since testing lead ads, we have seen a 4x reduction in the cost per lead, with a more than 3x increase in the number of leads we normally generate in Brazil.” – Gabriel Gruber, CEO, Properati

    Will it Work for Law?

    The next question is whether Facebook’s lead ads will work for attorneys.  There’s no doubt that it will. Rather than waste money on ads that may or may not be used, you can tap into one of the most powerful social networks and build leads fast. Facebook is already well known for highly targeted ads.  If you want ads to serve the right people, you can’t do wrong using Facebook.  Your customers can sign up for your newsletter, free consultations, or offers that will help you bring them in the door.

    More Powerful than You can Possibly Imagine

    If you have an eNewsletter (and if you don’t, why don’t you?), you’ll be glad to hear that Mailchimp integrates nicely with Facebook lead ads through Zapier as an interface. Zapier does more than just put the name in a Newsletter database, though.  It can add the new contact to your CMS and even text you with the number of your lead (called a “Zap”) so you can give that person a call or email and follow up faster than the potential client ever thought possible. Once Zapier has the contact, you can choose any different combinations you’d like.  Facebook and Zapier support the following CRM tools:

    • Hibspot
    • Highrise
    • InfusionSoft
    • Intercom
    • SalesForce
    • Streak
    • ZOHO CRM
    • and others

    You can also just send an email text or SMS message if you prefer.

    Facebook lead ads are going to help you build your lead funnel fast. So, if you’re spending your money on other forms of ads looking for leads without much success, stop.  Use Facebook lead ads to build your client list. Have any further questions, or simply wish to share your experience with your own lead funnel successes? You can provide your very own food-for-thought in the comment box below, or connect with me on my Facebook Page for even further tips on better digital marketing practices. I look forward to hearing from you!

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