• Attorneys Giving Thanks: Show Appreciation This Holiday Season

    Attorneys Giving Thanks

    Attorneys Giving Thanks to What Matters the Most

    Thanksgiving is just a few short days away, and in our rush to sample all of the tasty treats that are prepared for the big day, we tend to gloss over the ‘thanks’ in Thanksgiving. As attorneys, we have a lot to be thankful for now, and all year long.  Sometimes, it can be easy to forget that after a long hard case that didn’t go the way that we wanted it to for our clients or when things in our personal life don’t work out how we want. For attorneys giving thanks, remember to try focusing on the positive things this holiday season, rather than the negatives.

    You’re a Lawyer

    Yes, you’re in one of the hardest professions that required you to work exceptionally hard from high school all the way into law school. Then of course, once enduring the hefty workload of law school, there was that dreaded bar exam you were required to pass. That is a rare accomplishment that you should certainly be thankful for in your life.  Not everyone can follow their dreams and make it in their chosen profession. Now, by achieving your dreams, you are able to pay it forward by helping others in finding justice.

    Job Security

    If you are part of a large firm, there is always the possibility of downsizing. However, that can be preventable by letting your work ethic speak for itself. As for attorneys that manage their own firms, job security is definitely more in their realm of control by how they attract and retain clients. No one can ever say their job is layoff-proof, but having the proper law-practicing credentials puts you in a decent position for long-term employment.

    Your Staff

    You should be thankful for the people that you surround yourself with professionally. These are the day-to-day individuals that help keep your firm afloat and allow you to focus more on your own workload. They are there for you day in and day out with whatever you need, so show them your appreciation and they’ll continue to produce for you.

    Your Clients

    Attorneys giving thanks to their clients is a MUST. Not only because they pay the bills, but because they give your life purpose. You fight for them every day with your actions and strive towards changing their life for the better. There are many people that are aimless in their actions, but not you. When you go that extra mile to provide a favorable verdict, your clients, in turn, will also express their appreciation by referring you to others.

    The Era We Live In

    As little as 25 years ago, the idea of connecting quickly with people from across the world without breaking the bank was unfathomable. Now, the digital age that we currently live in provides us with the ability to send messages or images to all corners of the globe instantly, as well as attend video conferences with clients or colleagues. Some may say that we’ve become spoiled by today’s ease of connectivity, but ultimately, being a part of this moment in time allows us to work more quickly, efficiently, and even stay in touch with all of the loved ones in our lives regardless of their location.

    Your Health

    You woke up this morning, and that should be on the top of your list of things to be grateful for in life. Every day is a blessing that we should acknowledge as being precious. Everyone has something that ails him or her in one way or another. Whether you take medication for high blood pressure or struggle with an old injury, you began your day with breath in your lungs and the instinctual will power to take on anything that the world throws at you.

    Obviously, this is only a short list of the many things that warrant attorneys giving thanks. Each and every person lives their life differently and has their own experiences. What’s important is that we recognize those experiences and individuals that have significantly improved both our professional and personal lives. So as you endure your daily grind, be sure to set aside some time to thank everyone that has influenced you not only during the holidays but all year long!

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