• The Art of Recycling: How to Repurpose Social Content

    Repurpose Social Content

    In today’s digital world, folks are accustomed to surfing through a constant stream of entertainment and informative content. When marketing your firm, it can be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process to consistently create new and engaging material. How can you continue to produce attention-grabbing social media posts without “beating a dead horse” as they say? Whether you are strapped for time or simply have a mental block, one option that we recommend to you is to repurpose social content from the past.

    Why Repurpose Social Content?

    Repurpose Social ContentWhen we say “repurpose”, we aren’t talking about copy-and-paste. We are talking about taking a previous piece of social content and transforming it into something similar but slightly altered for your audience. This provides fresh content to even the most loyal of followers of your social pages while utilizing the resources you already have, saving exhausting amounts of time and effort that could be better served in other aspects of your practice. Additionally, it gives new visitors of your social pages the opportunity to see quality content from the past that they may have missed. So what are some ways in which you can start to repurpose social content from any of your firm’s online platforms?

    Cover Every Medium

    The more avenues through which your audience can interact with your content, the better. Some prefer reading blogs, while others enjoy listening to podcasts or watching videos. If you have a popular blog post make a podcast and a video covering the same material. The content is already written. If you repurpose social content in this way, you will take your already engaging content and you will be able to spread it to a larger audience.

    Create a Media Campaign

    In the world of social content, you get confirmation through views, likes, and audience engagement. One way to repurpose social content is to take your already popular content right back to your customers. Utilize an e-mail signup on your platform and use your popular material to create a media campaign. One way is to send a newsletter to your audience containing your already popular content and ask them to share it with friends they think would enjoy it as well. By repurposing popular content to create a media campaign, you are using audience buy-in to spread your content to a wider audience.

    Expand on What is Most Popular

    There are times, too, when it is necessary to create brand new content. Deciding what to create is often a bigger hurdle than actually creating it. We recommend looking at your most popular content and identifying a topic within it to expand upon. If your audience is telling you they like a certain topic or type of content, listen to them and give them more of it! When expanding on a topic you have already covered, you will be able to repurpose much of the content from the previous topic, making the creation process a whole lot easier.

    By repurposing already popular content, you can ensure your viewers consistently receive engaging material while expanding your audience, too!

    Have you found personal success by repurposing content in your firm’s digital marketing strategies? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments and personal experiences in the box below to keep the conversation going. And until next time, thanks for reading, and stay enchanting!

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