• 22 Apps for Lawyers and Business Owners

    As the innovative generation of lawyers and business owners, we worship the thrill brought out by technologies; we enjoy the smoothness of a touchscreen. Almost everyone has a tendency of putting his or her fingers on a screen-like material and trying to navigate or zoom in. Our app recommendation list includes everything from exporting your digital files, cases, books, to editing, annotating, and anything you need to make your hectic life easier and more manageable. Mobile applications are at your disposal, why not use them all?

    We rallied up 22 applications that can be accessed on at least one of the systems, and briefly introduced them to give you a general idea of the usefulness. Social networking apps require no more introduction, but don’t forget to download all of them. So pull out your phone and iPad, and get ready to experience a new wave of finger frenzy!

    Apps for Everyone


    App: Dropbox (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: “Bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your devices.”


    App: Documents to Go ($9.99 for Standard; $16.99 for Pro)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: Viewing, editing, saving, synchronizing all documents from anywhere.


    App: Evernote (Free; $5/mo for Premium)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: It keeps all mobile and online activities in sync on top of the abilities to plan your trips, research, and remember your favorites.


    App: GoodReader ($4.99)

    Platform: iPhone/iPad

    Description: With GoodReader, you can read virtually anything, draw and mark up anything on top of a PDF file.


    App: LinkedIn (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: One of the most powerful social networking channels to keep you connected with contacts and what’s going on in the industry.


    App: Wall Street Journal ($1/week)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: “Experience The Wall Street Journal’s award winning coverage, blending the best of print and online.”


    App: LogMeIn (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: Have access to your Mac or PC from anywhere, anytime.


    App: SignMyPad ($3.99-$16.99)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: “Sign documents right on your mobile device. Easily import them from the web or a cloud based service.”


    App: Dragon Dictation (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: If you are always on the run, you need a mobile assistant to notify you, read out your texts and emails while you are driving, and everything else.


    App: Keynote ($9.99)

    Platform: iPhone/iPad

    Description: It’s an app to make the process of making a presentation and presenting more exciting: Smoother transition and animated charts.


    App: SproutSocial (One-month Free Trial; $39-$99)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: Integrates all social media platforms, helps you schedule messages, and analyzes engagement.


    App: Huffington Post (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: An absolute must-have that “brings you up-to-the-minute articles, photos, videos and blogs in a dynamic and personalized experience.”


    Apps for Lawyers or Anyone Interested in the Legal Profession


    App: Fastcase (Free 24-hour Trial; $69/mo-$95/mo)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: Legal research app that contains the American law library. Cases and statutes can be found by entering citation or keyword.


    App: WestlawNext (Account required; price may vary depending on the plan)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: Legal research system to find documents, make annotations, email documents, or highlight!


    App: ABA Journal (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: The American Bar Association’s monthly-updated magazine that “brings you news, trends, and finances of the legal profession.”


    App: PushLegal ($6.99/book or $29.95 for Complete Access)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: Navigate through “more than 30 ‘deskbooks’ of federal and state rules and codeswith smart linking to Google Scholar for the most relevant additional annotations.”


    App: LawStack (Free to download; Price may vary depending on the book)

    Platform: iPhone/iPad

    Description: “A legal library in your pocket” that is preloaded with legal books and many more collections available upon request.


    App: iTimeKeep (Free)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: iTimeKeep is the only iPhone, iPad and Android app for Time Entry that seamlessly integrates with your Time & Billing System.”


    App: Exhibit A (Free)

    Platform: iPad

    Description: Supports all digital files to present your documents using VGA adaptor. Pan, zoom, or hightlight!


    App: Mobile Transcript (Free-$39)

    Platform: Mobile/iPad

    Description: “Lawyers use our free Mobile Transcript app to review and annotate deposition files or court transcript files.”


    App: Notes Plus ($7.99)

    Platform: iPad

    Description: Record your voice anytime while multitasking and email the recordings to yourself. Of course you can take notes too!


    App: TrialPad ($89.99)

    Platform: iPad

    Description: The price of this app means it’s nearly a perfect presentation/annotation app for organizing and exhibiting a case.

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