My name is Jacob Sapochnick.

I’m excited you’re here—because we’re very similar, you and me. We’re both lawyers trying to make a life we love out of what we do.

Lawyers are not scared from hard work. But we are terrified from one scary concept… self-promotion, marketing. As a solo practitioner, small firm lawyer or even a partner at a larger firm, I bet you know firsthand how stressful marketing yourself and your firm can be.

I have established Enchanting Lawyer to be a fresh content blog and resource that will get you more ideas about a different kind of marketing, help you practice more efficiently, and get more happy clients—for less stress, less money and making it a fun process.

Legal marketing, as you know, is dead. New Media and Social media is a people business, and you need to become a people’s person to make it. For years now, glorified, legal marketers have preached their magnetic, one-sided systems to attract more business. Preaching that having thousands of followers/fans who “follow and like” you is the secret to new business success.

So we focus on writing “Optimized” headlines. We focus on catch-phrases. We focus on SEO, Social Media, Hashtags, Best Design, Youtube Videos, Blogging, Pinning, Instagram pics, etc. Strategies without purpose will not earn new clients. Today, more than ever, giving without asking is the key. Being kind and helpful is the new secret sauce. Good storytelling is going to change the way we market and reach out to our customers. But more on this later on.

In 2011 a friend introduced me to an amazing book, Enchantment, written by Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki defines enchantment as the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or an idea. The outcome of enchantment is the voluntary and long-lasting support, which is mutually beneficial. Don’t you want your law firm or business to be more enchanting?

Enchantment can happen during a retail transaction, an initial consultation, or a Facebook update. When it’s done right, it’s more powerful than traditional persuasion, influence, or any marketing techniques.

I have implemented the enchantment concept in my own law practice with great success and would like to share with the world some of the ideas I have learned. This Blog is not just for lawyers; the ideas and thoughts shared here can be applied to any business model out there. So we welcome the non-lawyers out there of course.

Jay Leno once said: “Life is not hard. Try giving a little. You would be surprised of how much you can get.” I believe that being kind and helpful must be part of your law firm’s DNA. That is the secret.

My Story (the short version)

Originally from Israel, I moved to the U.S. to pursue my LLM in International and Comparative Law. My goal was to complete my studies, find a job and advance in my legal career.

Found a job with a mid size law firm and started my American Dream. I soon realized that having a legal job is not like in the movies. I worked hard, but my salary was capped. I had to bill hours, work weekends, and witness how clients should not be treated. I knew I could do it differently if only I had the chance.

In 2004, I took the plunge. Left my Law firm job and started my Law Office, http://www.h1b.biz. No plan and no prospects. All I had was my two-year-old Dell computer, a scratched glass desk, and a small back room rented from a fellow attorney. I needed it to work very very fast; after all I had my first child on its way.

I knew I wanted to practice Immigration law. I was an immigrant myself, and went through the immigration system just a few years before. I liked that it was a federal practice and I could serve clients in all 50 states. Immigration Law clients are very grateful and loyal clients, and I wanted to serve that crowd. Immigration Law is a highly competitive area of law in California, the Yellow Pages was full of lawyers in that area. I was competing against some very experienced lawyers with excellent reputations.

I had to start out fast and keep at it to build the practice I wanted. I didn’t have the luxury of waiting for my reputation to grow over the next 10 years while I was doing great client work. I needed and wanted it to happen faster than that. I needed to find a formula or change my profession. I was not going to work for someone else ever again. Because when you’re your own boss, you’re free—and no one can put a cap on what you make.

The good news was I have figured much of it out and applied it in my practice, and it worked. I currently practice Immigration Law in San Diego, California. I have built a large immigration law practice serving hundreds of clients in less than 8 years. We publish 2 Legal Blogs, the first one www.visalawyerblog.com established in 2006; we produce regular videos on our You Tube Channel; and run a mini publishing arm at the law office to support our media outreach.

We have been using social media innovative practices to make it happen. We have built the largest Facebook community for lawyers in the U.S. with more than 150 thousand fans and real engagement at http://www.facebook.com/myimmigrationlawyer and continue to innovate in that area. We keep doing it, month after month, keeping it coming. I have taken great concepts from elsewhere and applied them at our practice. Our method works, and our enchanting marketing keeps us steadily moving in the right direction.

Brands I’ve built

Jacob Sapochnick

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