• 8 Reasons Why Lawyers Should Start a Podcast


    Just last month, I published my notes taken during Pat Flynn’s session at the Social Media Marketing World on “How to Get Your Podcast to the Top”. In less than a month, I am here, once again, advocating for podcasting, suggesting you wait no more and set up a podcast series as soon as possible. You can see my determination to plant the podcast seed in your head. Don’t throw your hands up in the air yet and say “What’s that got to do with what I do”. If you are a lawyer who specializes in mediating neighbor disputes, an onychomycosis doctor, a gardener who speaks only Klingon, or something that attends to an incredibly small crowd, even better! The “niche-er” the market is, the more special you will be! Trust me, podcasting will help you tremendously; it will open doors you never knew existed. You will be more likable, more eloquent, more credible – it almost sounds too good to be true!


    1. There is Money to be Made

    Before your mind wanders off to another sphere, let the podcast master Cliff Ravenscraft get to the bottom of the bottom line here first. When he was asked about how to make money in podcasting on Good Morning San Diego, he mentioned a few ways including sponsors, advertisers, affiliates relationships to receive commission, on top of selling your own services or products, such as eBooks. In short, starting a podcast show is “the single greatest investment” anyone can make. For example, John Lee Dumas, the founder of the top-rated podcast EntrepreneurOnFire, releases his income report every month. He only started this 6-figure job in September of 2012! You can also look at Pat Flynn’s income report here.

    2. You Will Succeed

    During Pat Flynn’s session, there were about 200 attendees. He asked how many people were doing a podcast, 20% of the audience raised their hands. Almost 90% intended to start podcasting soon. What do the numbers indicate? According to Digital Trends, iTunes’ podcast subscription reached one billion in July, 2013. Let’s take a step back and do some bad math. I’ll use lawyer as an example. Based on American Bar Association’s latest National Lawyer Population by State stats, there are 1,268,011 “active and resident” lawyers in the U.S.. On the other hand, there are about 250,000 different podcasts available on iTunes. Each podcast gets about 4,000 subscribers on average (the number will grow tenfold later on).

    Let’s assume all of those podcasts available are law related, still, it means there are only less than 20% of the lawyers that are currently podcasting. Minus the ones that are 1,000 miles away from you, the ones that are in language, and the ones that are not so great, you + podcasting = success!

    3. The Greatest Way to Make Connections

    Mark Schaefer, Mitch Jackson, Gerry Ooginski, Chris Brogan, James Altucher, and the list goes on. Connecting with every industry’s movers and shakers that I would not have been able to connect with if it weren’t for the podcast interviews is music to my ears and subscribers to my door.

    4. You Can Always Brush up on Your Public Speaking Skills

    Podcasting has definitely helped me become a better speaker. If you are a working professional in America, you know how often we need to speak, in a small group setting or in front of a thousand people. I feel like my best episode is yet to come. Also, my communication with my staff and clients has improved a LOT. Listening back to myself may be sometimes harsh but it’s the only way to reflect on your eloquence.

    5. Nobody Reads Anymore

    As a blogger myself, I have to admit: Yes, nobody reads anymore (Thank you for reading through my article though). One interpretation brought up by many podcasters I couldn’t agree more with is think about it this way: You get to have a person’s ears for half an hour at a time, on a regular basis. Can you even imagine the power and the subconscious influence you have over that person’s perspective and life?

    6. Voice is Sensual

    I know it may be hard to listen to yourself at first – it will probably take you a long time to learn to love your own recorded voice. However, if you can really let go of all of your insecurities, accept the fact that you are no Morgan Freeman, you will come to appreciate the character and personality of your voice.

     Morgan Freeman

    7. It is Easy

    When I talked about video marketing before, I understand it might only appeal to a very small percentage of people who 1) have the videography background to do it; 2) are not afraid of “camera adding ten pounds”; 3) are capable of talking normally on screen; 4) have the cash for equipment. But we are talking about audio now. None of the above is a valid argument, unless 1) you do not even have a smart phone to record your own voice; 2) I can’t think of another reason why you can’t start a show this weekend.

    I have tried using iPhone to record interviews; frankly, they all turned out to be of decent quality. Unless you are doing a show of introducing the latest recording devices, an interview recorded by a smart phone is acceptable for beginners. Record, upload, and bang, you have a podcast (It might be a little more complicated than that but I will put together a simple podcasting guide for you soon. Stay tuned.)

    8. Credibility, credibility, credibility

    My local morning talk show’s hosts gather around and do a daily 30-minute free podcast, which I have been listening to everyday on the drive home for several years. It has become my stress remedy. Not just to me but to tens of thousands of people in my area and even outside of my area, these hosts, whom we have never met, are like our best friends, in a way. I can tell you whatever product they decide to plug on the show, I’m in.

    For starters, if you have never subscribed to any podcast before, do it. It helps you understand what kind of a relationship you can have with another person’s voice. You will also figure out what is the style you are comfortable with and you enjoy listening to. Eventually, hopefully in the nearest future, you will be confident to say, “Hey, I have something to offer too and I have a great voice!”

    Are you thinking about starting a podcast? If you have any thoughts or questions, please email me at jacob@enchantinglawyer.com. I would love to hear from you and connect with you!

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