• 5 Ways Video Can Build Your Law Firm


    Videos are taking over the web. From hilarious viral vids to baby home movies to instructional and how-to-do clips, video content dominates since people don’t have to read lengthy pieces of content. Businesses, in particular, law firms may even utilize videos to build and enhance their online presence and practice in general.

    1. Videos are More Personal

    While printed content has the ability to educate individuals about a practice, it doesn’t give a person much of a personalized glimpse at the attorney or attorneys of the firm. Videos allow the attorney to exude personality and emotion. It gives the viewer a mental picture of the lawyer’s disposition, which allows the viewer to make a more informed decision about choosing a lawyer. People know just by listening and watching someone if they’ll like them and will mesh well. It also gives the audience the ability to decide if the lawyer comes across as educated and able to take on his or her case.

    2. Ability to Answer Questions

    The lawyer may hold question and answer sessions live. This gives the audience the impression that the attorney cares enough to actually take the time with prospective clients. It provides the audience with a better sense of the lawyer’s knowledge base. The question and answer sessions address the clients personally, which allows people to feel a connection with the lawyer and possibly hire him or her.

    Video3. Reach People of Social Media

    Social media is one of the most relevant forms of advertising today. It helps spread content and videos quickly and reach potential clients who may have never had the opportunity to even learn the firm’s name. Once a person enjoys the video the attorney posted, it gets shared with all of the person’s friend. Then, all of those people will have a chance to watch it and share with all of their friends and so on. Before the lawyer knows, hundreds of people have had an opportunity to see the content.

    4. Engage Viewers

    Written content can engage a viewer, but not the way a video can. A few simple words on camera have the ability to captivate and grab the viewer’s attention and make them want more, no matter the subject. This is ultimately what a law firm wants—to have the viewer engaged. Engaging the viewers draws them into the law firm, which makes these people more likely to look around the firm’s site.

    5. Take Viewers to Your Place of Practice

    Far too often, a lawyer doesn’t try to form a connection with viewers. By taking potential clients inside the practice, the audience develops a better connection with the viewers.

    Your videos can stretch your notability as far as your imagination will take you. For a better understanding of the types of videos that can draw attention and show a more personal side of yourself as well as your practice, check out some of my videos on my YouTube Channel.

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