• 5 Tips For Getting Online Reviews For Your Practice.

    Online reviews

    Developing a strong online presence for your law firm isn’t always top of the mind. Yet, no matter the size of the firm or the specific area of law you focus on, you need to put attention and focus on online marketing and social building. Online reviews are one of those areas. When a potential client wants to find an attorney to share his or her very personal and sometimes biggest fears or legal needs, they need someone that offers key specific traits, characteristics, and skills. Online reviews from your current clients can help solidify your ability to help soothe the problems of any would-be client looking for support.

    But, how do you get them? Many attorneys know the value of obtaining online reviews but are not as effective as getting them. While people are generally more than willing to share reviews of restaurants and retail stores, providing insight on legal professionals isn’t always easy. These tips will help you.

    #1: Create accounts on key online sites so they don’t have to.

    A good starting point is to create new profiles and accounts on the review sites most applicable to your industry. It is usually a good idea to do this on sites like Yahoo Local, Google Local, and LinkedIn. Establishing profiles on these sites allows you to make it easy for people to share information about your office or service quickly.

    Online Reviews

    #2: Ask your trusted clients.

    It may seem out of sorts the first few times you take the step, but in nearly every situation, the best way to get online reviews is to ask your clients directly for them. A simple statement over a handshake at the close of the consultation, “You know, I’m trying to reach more people who can improve their situation. Would you mind taking a minute to review my services on LinkedIn?”

    #3: Add a feedback tool to your website.

    Making it easy for people to share information about your company and service is essential. Many times, clients will visit attorney websites between one and five times before contacting you and after doing so. With the help of a simple feedback tool, they can provide you with the reviews you need as well as some helpful information you can use to improve. Even better, you control the feedback that gets posted when you collect it in this manner.

    #4: Provide a printed review form.

    Getting feedback is important. You can use reviews obtained through printed feedback forms online. For example, on your business’s Facebook page, you can detail an anonymous story about how you helped a client and then use the real feedback provided by that client in the story. Get permission and be careful disclosing full names.

    #5: Send a follow-up email.

    People spend more times on their phones and in email accounts than they do reading the mail that comes from the Post Office each day. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure you provide them with a simple and easy tool for interacting with you after the consultation or even after you’ve completed the services for you. You may already send a follow-up email as a part of your goal to provide additional service to the client. This is also an excellent tool for gathering more data. Using a simple Google Form or a survey tool, you can get the online reviews you need and then post them on your social media pages.

    In nearly all firms, there will be satisfied clients and those that are not so happy. When you provide a sampling of the feedback you get online, through third-party review sites as well as through your own website and social media, you give would-be clients the extra push they need to finally take a step in working with you. It’s invaluable how a simple online review can improve your business.

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