• 5 Important Tips for Getting Your Website Found in a Local Search

    Local Search

    If you want your website to get found more easily in a local search, you will have to do some work on the way you market and advertise what you have to offer. Keywords for your attorney services make a lot of sense, but you also need location-specific options so people who are looking for legal services close to them can quickly find you. If your competitors get to the top of the search engine rankings first, you could lose a lot of local business. Here are five ways to start addressing this problem.

    1). Create and Submit a SitemapLocal Search

    You can submit a sitemap to most search engines. Google, for example, has a search console you can access which will allow you to get your sitemap into the search engine’s hands quickly. That can help people to find your site fast, so you can get their attention and stay up with your competition.

    2). Be Sure Search Engines Know What Your Site is About

    This is where good SEO comes in. Not only are the search engines trying to figure out what your site is about, but also what searches would be right for displaying your site in results. If you don’t have appropriate local SEO phrases, the search engine isn’t going to show your website to people when you really want it to.

    3). Add Your URL to Be Indexed

    Even after you complete and submit a sitemap, you also want to submit your URL. Search engines use bots to crawl the web and find new sites, so your site will get indexed eventually. For most companies, though, eventually isn’t when they want clients to be able to find them. To get found faster, let search engines know that they need to index your site.

    4). Get Involved in Ads

    Ads on search engines aren’t free, but there are some good deals to be found. With the right ads that target local clients, what you have to offer will be advertised more easily. Search engines generally have a webmaster dashboard or other webmaster tools area where you can sign up for ads and create different size options to get your message out to your prospective clients.

    5). Add Great Content and Make Your Site Visually Pleasing

    Your site should look great and be easy to navigate throughout. Even with good SEO, you still want to put quality content on any site you create. Your search results also depend on the consistency of your posted content. Sites that routinely load fresh and relevant content in a consistent manner always appear the highest in local searches. Visitors can then see that your mention of the local area wasn’t just thrown in for ‘click bait’ and that you can actually provide relative and helpful information or services.

    Although it may take some tender love and care for a while to gain the search results you desire for your law firm, it all becomes worth it in the end when your inbox is overflowing and your phone is ringing off the hook from prospective clients. People WANT to find you for your services, so let’s make it easier for them! If you would like to learn more about your options for investing in paid advertising to boost your SEO through Google AdWords, click here.

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