• 5 Apps to Make Managing Your Social Media A Breeze

    As an attorney or business owner, let’s face it, we are busy. Managing clients, appointments, family, and still have time for ourselves can often be a challenge. When you add in online marketing and the world of social media, it is downright daunting. The good news is mobile technology allows us to connect on the go and help us to manage better our time on social media. I have a few apps that are part of my toolbox that have made life as an attorney so much easier that I wanted to share with you.

    Social Apps to save the day!


    AppsThis is my all-time favorite social media application. Why? It allows my team and I to pre-schedule social media posts to a variety of social media channels including Instagram. I can access it on the go from my mobile phone and it allows me to push posts to Instagram.

    I can approve content that my team has scheduled and I also have the ability to add new content on the fly right from my mobile phone.

    2) Buffer:

    AppsBuffer is another scheduling tool that I use. It does connect with a few social media sites. However, I use it mainly for Twitter where I can schedule posts or reply easily to tweets. It allows me to retweet others content, send direct messages, and follow people of interest.

    I also can review my Twitter analytics. The mobile app pushes notifications of anyone that has reached out through direct messages or has favorited or retweeted my posts, making it easy to engage with my followers.

    3) Instagram:

    Instagram is a picture sharing social media application that is owned by Facebook. Instagram allows me to share real-time pictures anywhere around the world! What I love most about Instagram, is I can share photos of clients that just received their visa, employees in action during the work day from anniversaries to community involvement, and also I can share video clips and what I am doing on a daily basis. Instagram has allowed me to add a very personal touch to my practice by showing real-time photos.


    I can filter coloring, add hashtags for search capability and just be me! People connect and do business with who they know, like, and trust. Instagram allows our practice to connect on a much deeper level with clients and prospects.

    4) Facebook Page Manager:

    Facebook page manager is a great application to “talk” to your fans right from your mobile phone. I get notifications of comments, new fans and messages pushed to my mobile through the app. I can answer my fans quickly and efficiently and easily post as my San Diego Immigration Page. I also can edit my posts and add real-time Facebook posts to the page and photos that I may take while I am away from the office to engage my audience.


    The application also allows me to monitor and review my Facebook page analytics and Facebook ads from the road.

    Apps5) GoToMeeting:

    Although GoToMeeting is not a social media application, it is one that I wanted to share because it is a tool that I use all of the time to better enhance the social media presence of my practice. GoToMeeting allows me watch or listen to live webinars from anywhere. I follow many social media experts to learn the latest trends for my practice, and the GoToMeeting app allows me to “fit it in” to my busy schedule.

    Once you download the app, you can easily sign in to GotoWebinars or GotoMeetings, and many times I will listen to or watch (as long as I’m not driving) Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield and other social media experts to keep up to date. Education is an important part of the social media process and being able to have flexibility and versatility to learn more makes our practice stay ahead of the social media curve.

    These are my top social apps that I use for the day-to-day management and engagement of my channels. Social Media is an ever-changing landscape, and with the mobile apps that are available today, it makes a sometimes overwhelming process (especially for us attorneys) much easier.

    What mobile apps do you use to manage your social media? Do you have a favorite app? Enchant me below with your favorite application or a mobile app you have tried and didn’t like.

    Thanks for reading. Until next time, be enchanting.

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