• Lawyers’ 2013 Facebook Holiday Survival Guide


    As the holiday season approaches, lawyers and entrepreneurs, you busy yourselves up with gift wrapping, family visits, planning trips, but don’t forget to give your Facebook pages some extra loving and attention this winter. If they could talk, they would ask you for some ornaments and lighting, as in holiday-themed cover pages and specially designed posts. During this time of the year, social media activities are surging, beating any other parts of the year. With the function of scheduling posts in advance, you have no excuse to sit back and watch your competitors sweep their followers off their feet with fancy electronic cards or goody memes.

    As service providers, we might not be able to offer discounted products to our followers. However, my list will help you explore other opportunities to brighten your holiday season with social media power!

    The Pattern

    Firstly, before you make any move, open your Insights metrics dashboard to figure out what type of content has been resonating with your fans. Take a minute to watch a four-minute video made by Facebook Marketing on the new Insights’ features and how it analyzes your engagement.



    Cover Page

    Once you have recognized your target audience, let’s start with the easiest: a cover page.


    Above is the cover page I used for my firm’s Facebook page in 2012. When visitors open your Facebook page, the 851 x 315 cover picture is the first thing that pops up. If you are not changing your profile picture or your cover page regularly, which you should, you need to get on it right away during the busiest time of the year to offer special services or just to reflect the season’s spirits. If you have absolutely no time or no budget for the most important time (think twice), the very least you could do is upload a picture of your team celebrating in the office and write a short message consisting of your holiday greetings.

    Looking for attention getters to post about? I recommend you log onto Pinterest and search “thanksgiving”. While your mind is blown away by the warm holiday colors, you will get inspired in an instant.



    Nobody can deny that there is no better time than Thanksgiving to express your gratitude to your clients. What is the simplest and the most thoughtful way to make it happen? A video. Make it short and sweet. It is much easier than you think. If you do not want to set up a tripod or use a professional high definition camcorder, most digital cameras give you the option of making a decent video. Pretty much anyone can manage to figure out the most basic video editing technique; iMovie available on all platforms and devices would be a good start.

    Help Others

    Thanks are usually associated with giving back to our local communities. Small businesses carry out the responsibilities of being the role models as well as spreading the holiday cheer to those who are less fortunate. This holiday, from donations to volunteering, not only do your kind gestures add to the uplifting hues of the season, you can also add a social spin to them for marketing purposes.


    An alternative to the above would be sharing a link to a well-known organization’s heartfelt, action-calling video, for example, the American Red Cross or Second Harvest Food Bank.


    Lawyers, if it is your first year participating in this social media festivity, we wish you the best of luck and fruitful results; if you celebrate online regularly, you must know the exhilarating joy of opening your Facebook page, seeing that your likes and shares have skyrocketed. Doesn’t it feel as good as being surrounded by presents and loved ones on Christmas morning?

    Amid all of the chaos, if you ever find yourself in need of a tension-reliever (when you do not need to get behind the steering wheel), we call upon the White Russian.

    Thank you for reading and sharing. If you have any questions or special holiday recipes, please contact me at Jacob@enchantinglawyer.com. I would love to hear from you!

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