• 10 Ways That a CRM Can Help Your Law Practice Thrive.


    Whether you’ve recently established a fledgling law practice or have been in business for a number of years, utilizing a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) can help your practice flourish, A good CRM program will organize every aspect of your practice, resulting in maximized profits and streamlined communications.

    The main advantage of using a CRM is that it can be customized to suit the individual needs of your practice. The following are 10 ways that CRMs can help your practice be more profitable and run more smoothly.

    1. You Can Organize Your Information Into One System

    Many office managers use a combination of tools such as spreadsheets, task management systems, and interactive online calendars to organize their information, but a CRM will provide you with the convenience of having all of your information in one system.

    2. You Can Centralize Details About Each Individual Clients

    You can keep all of your details of each client in the same place, giving you a better view of the bigger picture involved with each one. This will save you a great deal of time. For instance, you can easily look back and view the entire history of each interaction with individual clients instead of searching several different sources for the information that you need.

    3. You Can Easily Maintain Personal Relationships With Clients

    Despite, or perhaps, because the increased dependence on technology in today’s business world, clients appreciate the little things such as birthday greetings. A CRM will make this aspect of client retention easy.

    4. You Can Keep Track of Your Leads

    Keeping track of your leads is an important part of a successful marketing plan. You’ll be able to streamline client follow-ups and otherwise keep your leads as warm as possible.

    5. You’ll Be Able to Easily Schedule Tasks

    Whether you’re an attorney, an owner of a crafts shop, or run a restaurant, you’ll be able to schedule tasks for employees as well as yourself using a CRM.

    6. You Can Create a Sales Dashboard

    A sales dashboard can provide you with a quick overview of all aspect of sales. You’ll be able to pull up and categorize your sales by salesperson, customer, or day of the week.

    7. You’ll Be Able to Keep Track of Events, Meetings, Scheduled Tasks, and Court Dates

    You’ll find it much easier to keep track of these things if they are in in a centralized location rather than scattered among various calendars and media.

    8. You Won’t Lose Your Data

    Using a cloud-based CRM will ensure that your data will never be lost even if you lose your laptop or your hard-copy files. In today’s business world, data is everything, and losing it could be devastating to your business. Storing data on the cloud also keeps it safer from identity thieves than storing it on a device in your office or home.

    9. You Can Get Accurate Future Projections

    A CRM will be able to quickly access existing data and provide you with reasonable expectations of future performance based on your history. This can be an invaluable tool when planning for the months ahead.

    10. You Won’t Have the Stress of Trying to Remember Everything

    Many small business owners pride themselves on remembering everything about their clients without having to use so much as a spiral notebook to jot down details, but this can create significant stress as your client base grows. Relax and let your CRM do the remembering for you so that you can concentrate on the more important aspects of running your practice.

    Getting Started With Your Practice CRMs

    Websites such as Avvo.com can be helpful to receive legal advice from over 200,000 top rated lawyers worldwide, however as a CRM, it is limited to primarily Q & A forums, consultations, and attorney profiles that are rated by Avvo itself. CRMs like MyCase.com offer a more personalized system for attorneys to track billing, time management, and client retention and communication. Other systems such as Salesforce and Infusionsoft aren’t limited to a single business category, but are also handy alternatives for attorneys to expand their clientele through personalized communications, marketing and business management, including marketing automation. Many CRMs also include mobile capabilities, so you’re able to save even more time by managing on-the-go.

    Choosing the right customer relationship manager for your specific practice could be a matter of trial and error, but it doesn’t have to be! Take the time to learn the tool, take advantage of trainings offered, and if time is an issue consider hiring a consultant to come in to help get your CRM setup and personalized for a more efficient practice.

    What CRM is your practice having success with? Share with us what your experience has been. Thanks for reading! Be enchanting!

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