• 10 Tips to Building a Killer PowerPoint


    PowerPoint is one of the most popular applications in the world for a reason – there are very few ways to make a significant impact in front of a crowd that are better than a slideshow. However, if you really want to make the best possible impression, convey information effectively and make a killer PowerPoint presentation, you’ll need to keep a few key things in mind.

    Killer PowerPoint1. Don’t Overdo It

    One of the keys to making a killer PowerPoint presentation for your practice is to resist the urge to overdo it. Even though PowerPoint allows you to include transitions, special effects, videos, audio clips and more in each slide, that doesn’t mean that you should. Viewers will quickly start to feel overwhelmed by “style over substance” and will soon stop paying attention.

    2. Isolate Key Points

    If you’ve got five key points to make during your presentation, don’t bury them in the middle of slides filled with other information that is less important. Give each point its own slide for maximum effectiveness.

    3. Focus on Each Slide Individually

    From a visual standpoint, don’t move on from one slide until you’re sure it is making the biggest possible impact. Play with font selections, color choices and more. Make sure that if you only showed that one slide during your presentation, viewers would still take something away from it.

    4. Focus on the Presentation as a Whole

    You’ll also want to pay close attention to the visual design of the presentation as a whole. Does the presentation focus too much on specific colors without enough variety? Is it taking far too long to get from one slide to the next? These are important factors to consider to put your best foot forward to the rest of your firm.

    5. Pay Attention to the Flow of Information

    Making a killer PowerPoint presentation for your firm is a bit like making a mix CD – you don’t want to start with your strongest possible point. Instead, try to make a good impression and then dial things back a bit. Focus on the speed at which you’re providing information to prevent viewers from feeling overloaded (in the event that you’re trying to say far too much) or bored (if you’re not saying enough).

    6. Utilize Native PowerPoint Advantages

    Resist the urge to make a PowerPoint presentation that is filled with nothing but text. PowerPoint allows you to include images, audio clips, videos and more for a reason – they’re stimulating to the people viewing the presentation in the first place.

    7. Don’t Forget to Switch to Fullscreen View

    Remember that a PowerPoint presentation is exactly that – a presentation. Though you’ll design each slide individually, for the biggest possible effect switch to “Fullscreen” mode once the presentation begins.

    8. Don’t Use the Standard Templates

    The PowerPoint default templates are hardly the best for making an impact. One of the advantages of PowerPoint is that it is limited only by your own creativity. You can use the templates as a beginning point, but don’t be afraid to branch out in directions based on the type of presentation that you’re actually giving.

    9. Prepare Your Presentation for Traveling

    If your presentation relies heavily on video clips, make sure that you embed those clips in the actual presentation before transporting it to work. If you don’t, they won’t display properly because PowerPoint won’t be able to find them.

    10. Professionalism is Key

    Every individual element all goes into how professional a PowerPoint presentation appears. Choose fonts, colors and even slide transitions that are right for your firm and for your professional environment in general. You’re giving a presentation to a law firm – stay away from fonts like Comic Sans.

    PowerPoint presentations, or just public speaking in general can be extremely daunting for some individuals. As lawyers, we must combat this to serve our clients effectively. Comment below or sign up for my free newsletter updates for further tips on getting your Power-POINTS across efficiently.


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