• 10 Reasons Why Attorneys Should be Using Facebook for Business

    Has Facebook gone the way of the dinosaur in favor of new social media platforms, like Instagram? Absolutely not. Facebook is still alive and kicking, and is actually a very powerful tool for an attorney looking to grow his or her business. Facebook  can be an effective marketing tool for a lawyer, and these 10 reasons show why.

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    1. Increased Exposure of Brand

    Facebook has a total of 1.15 billion users. When your law firm is on Facebook, you will increase your brand exposure, end of discussion.

    2. Ability to Capture New Leads

    Facebook marketing gives you an excellent tool to capture leads that you can use off Facebook. If Facebook ever does die, which is unlikely but possible, you will have other forms of contact for your potential clients. How can you do this?

    Set up contests or giveaways, and ask your followers to enter their email addresses in order to be entered. As an attorney, you will have to be creative to come up with your giveaways or contests, but you can find ways to gather interest, and email addresses. Then, use those email addresses to publish useful newsletters on a regular basis, and use those newsletters to drive them to your website.

    3. Less Expensive Marketing Tool

    It costs nothing to set up a Facebook page. If you choose to advertise using Facebook’s ads, which can help you grow your business quickly, you will find them to be one of the most affordable online marketing tools available to you.

    4. Option for Targeted Marketing

    Not only will you spend less on advertising on Facebook, but you will find that it is substantially more targeted. You can define your target audience very specifically, and Facebook will ensure that your ads are only shown to those who should be seeing it.

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    5. Excellent Analytics

    Your Facebook business page gives you access to Facebook Insights. This analytics tool uses simple graphs and percentages to show you how effective your page is. You can see the number of people who see your posts and how much engagement each post has. This level of analytics, which cost nothing at all, will help you make the most of your business page.

    6. Ability to Use Content to Share Expertise

    As a lawyer, one of your goals is to show your market that you are an expert in your field. With Facebook marketing, you can share content, whether you’re own or someone else’s, to brand yourself as an expert.

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    7. Exceptional Web Traffic

    Not only does Facebook have a large number of users, but those users are also quite active on the site. The average person spends over 8 hours on Facebook every month, and 25 percent of Facebook users will check their accounts at least five times per day.

    8. Effectively Connecting Businesses and People

    Facebook currently has over 2 billion connections between local businesses and people. In addition, half of all social media users under the age of 35 will follow their online friends’ product and service recommendations. An average of 645 million views on local business Facebook pages occur every single week. Targeted Facebook marketing will connect you to your local target market.

    9. Your Market Expects It

    Millennial consumers, which are a major target demographic for many lawyer firms, are 33 percent more likely to buy from a company if it has a Facebook page. A full 82 percent of all consumers say they trust a company more when the senior leadership, or the head attorney in the case of a law firm, is active in social media. Your potential clients expect you to be on Facebook.

    10. Increase Your Own Website Traffic

    With Facebook, you can drive traffic to your own website. This will improve your SEO and your online marketing success. Post links to your blog posts and articles, and watch as your online traffic begins to grow.

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    How can Facebook help your SEO efforts? Social media is huge in ranking for search engine results. Of course, Google favors its own social media site the highest, but the second most important factor in ranking, tied with backlinks, is number of Facebook shares. Posting links to your site and getting those links shared on Facebook will boost your own website’s ranking.

    Not only this, but your Facebook page itself can also get ranked in Google. If you properly name it, add location information, create keyword-rich content and post regularly using appropriate keywords, your Facebook page can bring traffic to your brand and, eventually, to your own website.

    So are you ready to start your own Facebook page? With all of the benefits of Facebook marketing for an attorney, there is no reason not to, and every reason that it makes sense.

    Do you feel like Facebook has helped your business? Please leave me a comment below or email me at jacob@enchantinglawyer.com. I would love to hear from you and have a chat with you!

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