• EL044: Creating Visions (Not Just Goals), Intentional Living and Smart Blogging, with Natalie Bacon

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    “I wanted my job to be aimed at young professional women like me because most financial blogging is aimed at men” – Natalie Bacon

    Natalie Bacon is an attorney by day and a personal finance blogger by night. Having graduated from law school under the shadow of a student loan, Natalie had her mind set on getting rid of her debt as soon as possible. Her research into personal finance as a way of paying off her student loan got her into blogging, and as someone who has never had a credit card, she is the perfect person to write about it. Natalie has centered her life on the concept of `intentional living` – the idea of having goals and visions to work towards, and she has even written an e-book about it – Intentional Living for the Young Professional. She has recently had an article published by the Huffington Post entitled, “I`m 28 and I`ve never had a credit card”.


    “Using a credit card is like taking a mortgage out on your clothes”– Natalie Bacon`s Grandfather

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    When Natalie Bacon graduated from law school, she wanted to find a way to pay off her student loan as quickly as possible. Having never owned a credit card, she wasn`t used to being in debt and her research in personal finance sparked an interest for her in finance and blogging from which she has never turned back. In today`s show, Natalie tells us about her personal finance blog which s aimed at young professional women, how to get started in blogging and the concept of `intentional living` – the idea of setting yourself goals and visions to achieve in life.

    “The point of intentional living is to be proactive instead of reactive” – Natalie Bacon

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    If you prefer to watch the discussion in action, here is my recorded interview with Brian Carter (please refresh your browser a few times if it isn’t loaded properly the first time):

    In this interview you’ll learn:

    • 01’04” – How and why Natalie got into blogging
    • 03’35” – About Natalie`s Huffington Post article – ‘I`m 28 and I`ve never had a credit card`
    • 09’45” – Why Natalie believes that debt problems are to do with mindset
    • 12’04” – The concept of intentional living
    • 19’13” – How intentional living helps Natalie in her professional life
    • 21’20” – Natalie`s inspirational quote
    • 22’56 – What inspired Natalie to start blogging and some tips for beginner bloggers
    • 28’14 – The magic of the blogging community
    • 31’36” – The Huffington Post response
    • 32’48” – Some tips on being different, creative and following your dream

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