• Google AdWords: How Important Can They Be for Your Practice

    These days, there’s simply no denying the influence Google AdWords can have on your small business web presence. In fact, studies have shown that about a third of Web users click through via PPC ads. However, if you don’t know...

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  • Creating Landing Pages That Convert into Clients

    Crafting effective landing pages is a new skill that every internet marketer and modern lawyer should learn. Understanding the different types of landing pages, along with when to use them and what content to include, will help grow your practice...

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  • What Makes a Great Website?

    What makes a great website? Is it eye-popping graphics? Powerful and engaging wording? A great website is simply one that works: that brings prospects to it and converts them into customers. After all, that is our primary objective in the...

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  • Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

    On April 21, 2015 Google changed the algorithm on how websites are found in a search. We all want our practice to be found in a mobile search, however if Google considers your website to be not “mobile friendly” your...

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  • Create and Dominate with Engaging Content for Your Practice

    There are a lot of people on the Internet nowadays. There are the hunters: people searching for critical legal advice, or maybe the next hit cat video. And there are the creators: people pioneering content creation by making what people...

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