• Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories: Can This New Feature Be a Valuable Tool?

    Instagram has put a new twist in its features, and it feels a bit “Snapchat-ish”. The concept is similar to that of its fellow technological medium, Snapchat. The basics are that Instagram will compose pics and videos over a 24-hour...

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  • Lights, Camera, Action! Live on Facebook!

    While videos are playing an increasingly larger role in the world of online marketing, posting recorded ones on your social media site isn’t necessarily enough. Live streaming, as opposed to recorded videos, has been drawing in larger audiences, making it...

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  • VIDEO: 2014 Social Media Trends

    So much has changed this year: Iran has gotten sanctions relief; more and more states have legalized same-sex marriage; Snapchat supposedly turned down $3 billion; our government was temporarily shut down for 16 days. Anything could happen – this is...

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