• The Art of Recycling: How to Repurpose Social Content

    In today’s digital world, folks are accustomed to surfing through a constant stream of entertainment and informative content. When marketing your firm, it can be a time-consuming and sometimes difficult process to consistently create new and engaging material. How can you continue to...

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  • Protect Your Firm From These 5 Social Media Blunders

    Social media is a powerful tool for connection with friends and colleagues. Many professionals of all stripes have flocked to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to expand their networking circles. However, lawyers on social media need to consider the...

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  • Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories: Can This New Feature Be a Valuable Tool?

    Instagram has put a new twist in its features, and it feels a bit “Snapchat-ish”. The concept is similar to that of its fellow technological medium, Snapchat. The basics are that Instagram will compose pics and videos over a 24-hour...

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  • The Best and Worst Times to Post on Your Social Media

    Learning how to post on social media accounts is the first step toward growing your practice and brand online. You’ve increased your followers and likes, and now have a regular, consistent demographic who appreciates and interacts with your content. If...

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  • Are You Using Instagram? 10 Tips For Building Your Brand

    You’ve hopefully jumped on the Facebook bandwagon by now, but have you implemented an Instagram marketing plan? It’s through this widely-used social media platform that you can greatly expand the awareness of your law practice. Here’s a quick look at...

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