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Practice Better. Be Enchanting.

Learn How to be Enchanting to:

  • Get the best clients
  • Build a profitable practice
  • Achieve perfect work-life balance
  • Create a vibrant community of raving fans who happily
    spread the word about you and your services!

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“If I am being reacted to in a certain way, there’s a reason why” – Baya Voce

Baya Voce was one of the stars of the MTV reality TV show, The Real World. From her experience in moving to Brooklyn and living in a shared house with other characters, Baya became interested in personal relationships and how we interact. She used the knowledge that she gained to help match making and then moved on to helping people forge and build all types of relationships. In today’s show, Baya and Jacob chat about increasing confidence, body language and using body language to build trust.


“What I know is that powerful relationships create movement”– Baya Voce [click to continue…]

Live-stream content

The number of people using live-stream content apps is steadily growing. Live-streaming can be used to share anything from a cooking recipe to a CLE webinar and its versatility can be harnessed in entertainment environments as well as business settings. For tech-savvy attorneys, apps such as Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab can aid in anything from marketing to client relationships and even trial work.

What are These Apps?

In the beginning, there was Meerkat—the original live-streaming app that introduced us all to a new world of immediate, live connection. Meerkat has two new features that have everyone talking. The first is Live Polling—a polling feature used in live-streams to get a feel for the popularity of an idea or thought being discussed. In a business sense, having access to a poll system like this will come in handy for law firms– rather than having to wait for audience response and sentiment, they will be able to get a real-time pulse to better understand what works. The second innovation is called ‘Show and Tell,’ and it lets you upload pictures, graphs, or videos from your camera roll to be displayed during your stream.

Periscope, on the other hand, is newer and comes with a more refined live-streaming experience. Whereas social media sites like Vine let users record clips and post them online, Periscope allows users to post live video streams of what they’re doing at that very moment. The live stream experience is also different because it stays for 24 hours after being recorded and users can play it back during that time.

Blab is the newest app on the market and, as opposed to the other two apps’ limitation to mobile devices, it allows streaming of video via mobile, tablet or desktop. Through Blab, you can post your live conversations, check out those others are having, and lurk. It is similar to having a TV host program, but better because viewers can participate without dialing an 800 number.

How can these Apps help Attorneys?

If you are a tech-savvy attorney, apps like these can go as far as you want them to.

  • Offer CLEs. If you want to offer CLEs to make a name for your practice and do not have the physical space to do so, you can host CLEs through any of these apps. Simply invite people and have them show up to the “session.” Use the apps to confirm who has attended and to interact with attendees by answering questions live. This is a step up from a conference call as attendees can see you as well as the presentation, thus making the content more appealing and lively.
  • Face-to-Face Feedback. Curious what your attendees really think about your presentation on a case or legal theory? You can give them a chance to voice their feedback in a focus group. Invite your attendees to participate post-presentation and really hear what theories worked and what could be enhanced.
  • Coach Clients Before they go. Before sending clients out the door, often times you want them to be equipped with PDFs, emails, or even videos to prepare them for what’s next. With these apps, you can schedule a ‘know before you go’ and invite your clients. Pick a host/moderator, and let your parties join your session remotely. Your job as a host is just to watch the comment stream for questions and everyone is on their way.
  • Change your Trial Practice. Consider this: currently, many trial judges allow jurors to submit written questions once attorneys finish questioning witnesses. Most of the time it is interesting for counsel and the judge to see what jurors focus on. If the juror questions are appropriate, the witness is asked the questions by counsel—thereby resulting in a more gratifying experience for the jury. Live-streaming apps could compliment, if not revolutionize this process by adding the crowd-sourced real-time element.

Have you begun implementing any of the above-mentioned live-stream apps for your practice? If so, we’d love for you to share your experiences with us! Let us know what your preferred methods are for utilizing live-streaming, or contact me with further questions on how it can enhance not only your attorney/client relationships, but your practice as a whole. “Enchanting” an audience through live-streaming has never been easier!

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“I had this vision of what would the ideal technology do to empower me to be able to market my practise, participating as much as I wanted to, without really having to worry about how it happened behind the scenes” – Dan Jaffe

Founder of LawLytics Dan Jaffe, is the ideal person to help lawyers with their website and online marketing needs. He successfully ran two law practises, but as the internet grew, he began to realise its power for marketing. Having taught himself the techy side, Dan began to help other attorneys and now runs LawLytics – an online platform that helps attorneys design and control their websites, whilst helping them with the online marketing of the practises. In today’s show, Jacob talks to Dan about the power of websites, marketing legal practises online and the producing effective content.


“We are not only providing the technology, but we’re providing the road map and the guidance to where they want to go”– Dan Jaffe [click to continue…]

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“The unique thing is that right now there are a lot of remote technologies that exist in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, but we are using the same technology [for blind people]” – Suman Kanuganti

Technology today hasn’t quite made blind people able to see, but we’re almost there. Aira.IO is a platform developed by founder Suman Kanugant which uses technology similar to that used by Google Glass, for a remote agent to be able to guide blind people in their every day lives. Suman started his business from scratch and has high aspirations for the future. In today’s show, Jacob talks to Suman about the use of disruptive technology, the challenges of running a startup company and the importance of being focussed on your goals.


“It’s a balance between presenting or utilizing the greatest and latest technologies to a remote agent in an intuitive fashion so they can assist a blind person”– Suman Kanuganti [click to continue…]

Google AdWordsThese days, there’s simply no denying the influence Google AdWords can have on your small business web presence. In fact, studies have shown that about a third of Web users click through via PPC ads. However, if you don’t know how to make the most out of your AdWords PPC campaign, then you might be wasting your company’s money.

Choosing Your Words Wisely

Google AdWordsOne of the most important aspects of using Google AdWords to your practice website’s advantage is to choose your keywords wisely based on your budget. Generally, the keywords that are the most commonly searched are the ones that’ll be more competitive to get; in turn, you should expect to spend more money on ads with these keywords.

If you’re working with a smaller budget, consider bidding for “long-tail” keywords, which are longer and less commonly used search phrases that will have less competition and thus be more affordable for you to purchase. These often have a surprisingly high conversion rate.

Start with Google Keyword finder and see what words will work for your practice.

Managing Your AdWords Account

Simply having an AdWords account and using it to bid on PPC ads isn’t enough to guarantee success; you need to know how to properly track your conversion rates and other statistics so as to ensure that you’re investing your money wisely.

Fortunately, Google makes this relatively simple to do with their AdWords platform. Specifically, they have an easy-to-use tracking script that makes it simple to assess the profitability and overall success of each of your PPC campaigns.

Monitoring Your Website Keywords

Google AdWordsIn addition to your PPC campaign, your website should be utilizing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that involves the use of back links, written content, and targeted keywords to boost your search engine results organically. After all, SEO accounts for the other two-thirds of click-through rates.

Make sure your website’s content is updated regularly and contains keywords relevant to your practice. If you’re a geo-specific business, make sure you also include geo-targeted keywords (such as city and state names) near your other keywords to boost search engine rankings.

Boosting Your Google “Quality Score”

Google AdWords utilizes what’s referred to as a “quality score” to determine where your PPC ad will be positioned on a page, how much you’ll be charged, and even your overall AdRank. Therefore, it’s vital that you know how to keep your quality score as high as possible, which you can do by:

  • using relevant keyword groupings
  • writing compelling ads that encourage users to click
  • using proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax in ads

Google AdWords can seem like a confusing platform for many attorneys who are new to online marketing, but by becoming more familiar with it and using it properly, your practice can benefit greatly. Paying for keywords to drive traffic to your website is among the many ways to enhance your online reach. For even more insights on how to become a pro in the competitive world of marketing, check out these list of resources. Thanks again for reading, and remember…whenever you’re marketing, be enchanting!