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Social Media Inbox

If you’re like me, chances are you belong to a number of social networks, especially for your law practice. While social media often is one of the biggest time wasters, it’s also one of the best places to generate leads.  After all, anyone who is sending you comments or messaging you is probably interested in learning more about you and your practice. Here’s the thing, however: you’re not always glued to your computer.  So, how do you respond to your social media in a timely manner?  Through your smartphone or tablet, of course!  You need to set up your own hand-held social media inbox that you can take anywhere and can respond even when you are on a big case or with a top-tier client.  Here’s how simple it is…

Get the App!

Before you get started customizing, the first step is getting the official apps from whatever social media you use.  The apps will make it that much easier to interface with the social media, and if you get the official apps, you can be sure they’re going to interface correctly with the social media, and they aren’t a scam. Most social networks have only one app, but Facebook has a slew of them, as do LinkedIn and Google+. You don’t need all the apps Facebook (or any other social network) has available, but having the Facebook app, the Facebook Messenger app, the Pages app, the Mentions App, and the Ads Manager app are good starts.  You need to be able to pay attention to Mentions, receive messages, handle any traffic on your pages, and adjust your ads.

Downloading Apps

Choose the apps you’ll need so that you can handle everything you need whether you’re at work, meeting with a client, or on the road.  Do keep in mind that apps do fill memory quickly, so choose those apps you know you’ll use and use the main app for the occasional tasks that may come up from time to time.

You’ll need to get your apps from the app stores for your appropriate social media channel.  With Android, it’s usually the Google Play store. With iPhones and iPads, you’re looking to Apple’s Store.  Microsoft has its own app store for its smartphones, but the choices may be limited.

Set Up Your Preferences for App Notifications in Your Device

Once you have your apps downloaded and ready to go, it’s time to set up how often you want to get notified by your apps and for what. I’ve found that this is a handy thing to do to keep the amount of notifications to a dull roar.  You really only want to get notified of things that you need to take direct action on, like someone mentioning you in a post or sending you a message.  In Android you can do this by going to Settings -> Sound & Notification -> App Notifications.  In iPhones, you’ll want to go to  iPhone’s Settings -> Notifications.  There, you can set your apps and how you want them to notify you.

Set Up Your Preferences for App Notifications in the App

The good news is you can have your social media app notify you for just about anything.  That’s also the bad news. You’ll be amazed how many notifications makes your phone buzz or ring if you leave the defaults on.  Set the notifications in the app for the stuff you want to be alerted on.  You may want to be notified of comments to your posts or messages you receive.  You may want to know about new friend requests or new followers.  All of that is strictly up to you.

Facebook App Notifications

Facebook apps are particularly chatty, which is why you should first go to Facebook on your computer and go to Settings-> Notifications.  You should be able to turn off many of the notifications there.  Now is the time to go through your groups and leave them or set them to not notify you.  You only want notification from the pages and groups that matter.

Twitter App Notifications

Twitter can be chatty as well, depending on the number of followers you have. With the Android, tap on the three dots (on an iPhone, it’s the Me icon), and select Settings->Mobile Notifications.  Here you can choose what you want to be notified via Twitter.

Other App Notifications

Almost every App has some way to remove notifications. The best way is to go into the settings within the App and set the notifications the way you want them.  Between setting the mobile device and the app, you should be able to have control of your apps and your notifications.

It is simply impractical to sit down for extended periods of time in front of a desktop to read all incoming inquiries to your law firm. This is precisely why having a mobile inbox at your fingertips is extremely ‘handy’ in receiving important client or prospective client inquiries. Do you manage your social media and/or receive business notifications through your mobile device? If so, has it significantly benefitted your practice by saving you time and energy? I’d love to hear your personal experiences! Please feel free to share your success stories in the box below and help your fellow attorneys enchant on-the-go!

Facebook Ad Tool

How would you like to build your leads quickly, effortlessly, and cheaper than you ever thought possible? As an attorney, you know that it’s sometimes hard to generate Internet leads, but not for the reasons you think.  It isn’t because your potential clients hate ads — it’s the difficulty filling out the information. We love forms because they give us the information on our potential clients, but forms are unwieldy, especially when so many people are using their mobile devices as their primary Internet access point.

Formulating Problems

A good portion of your clients use their mobile devices as their main Internet access. Somewhere around 80 percent of people have a mobile device they use regularly and for the first time, we’ve seen that in March 2015, more people are using only mobile devices to access the Internet than using only desktops. And the number is sure to increase. While it is handy to have your smartphone or iPhone around, mobile devices are not the most efficient for entering data.

Formulating a Better SolutionFacebook Ad Tool

Mobile devices are the way of the future so it makes sense to serve ads that make it easier for your potential clients to sign up. That’s why Facebook’s lead ads are so important. With just two taps, your potential clients can send you the information you need to contact them to arrange a consultation. With Facebook’s lead ads, customers see the ad targeted at them. They tap on the ad, which then brings up a form you design already populated with the potential clients’ information that they entered, verify the information, and then with a tap send it. You get the lead quickly; they don’t have to do any more filling out forms.  And because the Facebook lead ads are customizable, you can determine what type of information you receive.

A Real Game Changer

Making something easy for customers to use takes the hassle out of getting new clients. Just ask the CEO at Properati.  He endorses Facebook’s Lead Ads wholehearted for his real estate business in generating leads:

Lead ads were a game-changer product for Properati. In the past, we had tested similar products from other channels but they didn’t work for us. Since testing lead ads, we have seen a 4x reduction in the cost per lead, with a more than 3x increase in the number of leads we normally generate in Brazil.” – Gabriel Gruber, CEO, Properati

Will it Work for Law?

The next question is whether Facebook’s lead ads will work for attorneys.  There’s no doubt that it will. Rather than waste money on ads that may or may not be used, you can tap into one of the most powerful social networks and build leads fast. Facebook is already well known for highly targeted ads.  If you want ads to serve the right people, you can’t do wrong using Facebook.  Your customers can sign up for your newsletter, free consultations, or offers that will help you bring them in the door.

More Powerful than You can Possibly Imagine

If you have an eNewsletter (and if you don’t, why don’t you?), you’ll be glad to hear that Mailchimp integrates nicely with Facebook lead ads through Zapier as an interface. Zapier does more than just put the name in a Newsletter database, though.  It can add the new contact to your CMS and even text you with the number of your lead (called a “Zap”) so you can give that person a call or email and follow up faster than the potential client ever thought possible. Once Zapier has the contact, you can choose any different combinations you’d like.  Facebook and Zapier support the following CRM tools:

  • Hibspot
  • Highrise
  • InfusionSoft
  • Intercom
  • SalesForce
  • Streak
  • and others

You can also just send an email text or SMS message if you prefer.

Facebook lead ads are going to help you build your lead funnel fast. So, if you’re spending your money on other forms of ads looking for leads without much success, stop.  Use Facebook lead ads to build your client list. Have any further questions, or simply wish to share your experience with your own lead funnel successes? You can provide your very own food-for-thought in the comment box below, or connect with me on my Facebook Page for even further tips on better digital marketing practices. I look forward to hearing from you!

Online reviews

Developing a strong online presence for your law firm isn’t always top of the mind. Yet, no matter the size of the firm or the specific area of law you focus on, you need to put attention and focus on online marketing and social building. Online reviews are one of those areas. When a potential client wants to find an attorney to share his or her very personal and sometimes biggest fears or legal needs, they need someone that offers key specific traits, characteristics, and skills. Online reviews from your current clients can help solidify your ability to help soothe the problems of any would-be client looking for support.

But, how do you get them? Many attorneys know the value of obtaining online reviews but are not as effective as getting them. While people are generally more than willing to share reviews of restaurants and retail stores, providing insight on legal professionals isn’t always easy. These tips will help you.

#1: Create accounts on key online sites so they don’t have to.

A good starting point is to create new profiles and accounts on the review sites most applicable to your industry. It is usually a good idea to do this on sites like Yahoo Local, Google Local, and LinkedIn. Establishing profiles on these sites allows you to make it easy for people to share information about your office or service quickly.

Online Reviews

#2: Ask your trusted clients.

It may seem out of sorts the first few times you take the step, but in nearly every situation, the best way to get online reviews is to ask your clients directly for them. A simple statement over a handshake at the close of the consultation, “You know, I’m trying to reach more people who can improve their situation. Would you mind taking a minute to review my services on LinkedIn?”

#3: Add a feedback tool to your website.

Making it easy for people to share information about your company and service is essential. Many times, clients will visit attorney websites between one and five times before contacting you and after doing so. With the help of a simple feedback tool, they can provide you with the reviews you need as well as some helpful information you can use to improve. Even better, you control the feedback that gets posted when you collect it in this manner.

#4: Provide a printed review form.

Getting feedback is important. You can use reviews obtained through printed feedback forms online. For example, on your business’s Facebook page, you can detail an anonymous story about how you helped a client and then use the real feedback provided by that client in the story. Get permission and be careful disclosing full names.

#5: Send a follow-up email.

People spend more times on their phones and in email accounts than they do reading the mail that comes from the Post Office each day. For this reason, you’ll want to ensure you provide them with a simple and easy tool for interacting with you after the consultation or even after you’ve completed the services for you. You may already send a follow-up email as a part of your goal to provide additional service to the client. This is also an excellent tool for gathering more data. Using a simple Google Form or a survey tool, you can get the online reviews you need and then post them on your social media pages.

In nearly all firms, there will be satisfied clients and those that are not so happy. When you provide a sampling of the feedback you get online, through third-party review sites as well as through your own website and social media, you give would-be clients the extra push they need to finally take a step in working with you. It’s invaluable how a simple online review can improve your business.

For additional assistance in the various avenues of online and social media marketing, be sure to sign up for the Enchanting Lawyer newsletter and learn the best practices for engaging, retaining, and enchanting your clients!


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Live on Facebook

While videos are playing an increasingly larger role in the world of online marketing, posting recorded ones on your social media site isn’t necessarily enough. Live streaming, as opposed to recorded videos, has been drawing in larger audiences, making it a crucial marketing strategy to focus on. Thanks to a new Facebook feature called Facebook Live, you can now reach out to prospective clients conveniently via live streaming.

What Is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a brand new live streaming feature that the social media giant is offering to users, including public figures and those with personal profiles or verified Pages. With this feature, you can invite audiences to watch live videos and post comments. This gives you a great way to showcase new products and services or broadcast company events as they happen. With Facebook Live, your law firm has a powerful Facebook marketing tool to use in order to reach new customers and keep current customers interested in what you have to offer.

Facebook Live News & Respond To Comments PrivatelyFacebook Updates for Business Owners & Marketers

Posted by Mari Smith on Sunday, February 7, 2016

Who Can Use Facebook Live?

There’s a catch for now. Currently, only iOS users are able to use Facebook Live, although the company is working on offering it to Android users in the near future. If you have a personal or professional profile set up for your business or if you have a verified Page and you’re using an iOS device, all you have to do is click on the “Live Video” icon in the status box options to start live streaming.

Why Should I Use Facebook Live?

Facebook Live offers quite a few benefits for law firms, such as the following:

  • Convenient Facebook marketing tool: It provides you with an easy way to use live streaming to your advantage for marketing purposes. Whether you have an important business announcement to make or want to invite audiences to watch a special event you have planned, Facebook Live gives you an opportunity to let current and prospective customers see what your practice is all about.
  • User-friendly features: Facebook Live requires a simple click to get your live streaming started. Once you start streaming, you have up to 30 minutes of time available for your video. When it’s done, your video will be posted on your Timeline for Facebook visitors to watch whenever they want. If you end up being disconnected during live streaming, Facebook Live will automatically attempt to reconnect you so you can continue streaming as smoothly as possible.
  • Instant feedback: With Facebook Live, audience members can comment on your live streaming as it occurs. This gives you instant feedback into what your audience is thinking as they watch your video. Keep in mind that you have the ability to block audience members who are rude or disruptive, so the rest of your audience can have an enjoyable experience.

How to Cross Pollenate your Marketing Efforts!

Posted by Sue B. Zimmerman on Monday, February 8, 2016

How Does Facebook Live Compare to Other Live Streaming Apps?

You might be familiar with other mobile apps that allow live streaming, such as Periscope or Meerkat. While these are also fairly easy to use, they have the disadvantage of requiring you to install them as separate apps in order to use them. With Facebook Live, you can live stream right from the Facebook app on your iOS device. You don’t have to download a separate app to do so, which saves you considerable time and space on your device.

If you’ve been relying on other live streaming apps or pre-recorded videos for your marketing efforts, consider taking advantage of all that Facebook Live has to offer. You’ll get high-quality live streaming, convenience and the ability to let your customers get to know you better. That translates into a larger client base, more sales and a successful law firm.

I would love to hear from you regarding your experiences with Facebook live. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below, or even on my Facebook page to keep the conversation going even further. Until next time, thanks for reading, and may your new live streaming be enchanting!