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Practice Better. Be Enchanting.

Learn How to be Enchanting to:

  • Get the best clients
  • Build a profitable practice
  • Achieve perfect work-life balance
  • Create a vibrant community of raving fans who happily
    spread the word about you and your services!


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“The inner game tools and the discipline that I achieved through my martial arts training helped me transfer that over into my everyday life and helped me become a success”– Rodney King

Life didn’t start off easy for Rodney King, having grown up in a poor part of Johannesburg, not knowing his Dad and having an alcoholic mother. But it was when he was sleeping on a park bench that he managed to tap into what he had learned in martial arts that he started to turn his life around. Now Rodney uses the lessons which martial arts teach us, to help other people with their inner management allow them to build success in their lives. In today’s show, Jacob and Rodey talk about his seven principles to full contact living – the principles which Rodney owes his success to, how to achieve them and his new book – Full Contact Living.



“The reality is that perfection is an illusion and if you’re waiting for an illusion you’ll be waiting for a very long time”– Rodney King

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“Business Etiquette is social skills for businesses”– Kara Ronin

Kara Ronin is the founder of ’Executive Impressions’ – a company which helps businesses – and their people in them – to create the right kind of relationships amongst themselves, and their clients to ensure the success of a business. Having been born in Australia she now lives an international lifestyle, and is currently enjoying living in Lyon – France. In today’s show, Kara and Jacob chat about the importance of being in the moment, how not to damage your reputation with your online presence, what makes people do business with you and how to make people like you.


“There are many soft skills that you need to have in your business toolkit”– Kara Ronin [click to continue…]

10 Tips To An Awesome Seminar For Your Law Practice

Seminar Planning for Your Law Frim

Many successful law firms have long used seminars as a powerful marketing tool. They are valuable in targeting a specific market, they position the presenter as an expert, and seminars can help build trust. If you have been considering conducting seminars as part of the overall marketing plan for your law practice, here are 10 tips to creating an awesome seminar.

  1. Ensure the seminar is well-attended. Make sure you have an idea ahead of time how many people will attend. Pre-register attendees. Use cost-effective resources to market your seminar including email campaigns and social media. Encourage couples to attend (if appropriate) and ask friends to be there and get their feedback. With all of this, you still need to keep in mind that building seminars is like building a business. It takes times time, persistence, and a quality product.
  2. Set a cell phone policy and use it to your advantage. You don’t want attendees using or watching their cellphones at your seminar, so start out by acknowledging the issue. Challenge your guests to take two minutes to take a selfie and make a post on Facebook or other social media that they are attending your seminar. Make sure you do the same. Have some fun! Then ask them to please silence their phones and only use them during breaks. Let them know about how often breaks will occur to ease their digital distress.
  3. Create and share a specific outline with your audience. Awesome seminars follow a clear outline. That doesn’t mean there can’t be an occasional ad-lib, side-track or divergence, but it provides your audience with expectations and a time-line. It should have an introduction, learning sections, and a compelling conclusion.
  4. Limit references to your firm to the beginning and end of the seminar. Your introduction should include enough personal information to build credibility while avoiding any hint of arrogance. A quick mention of your firm and its history at the outset is fine, as is a “call to action” at the close. Do not, however, allow your seminar to turn into an infomercial about your law practice. Your goal, provide value.
  5. Use a variety of visual and audio elements to maintain interest. Use multiple resources to keep your audience engaged. Utilize overhead slides, video, a PowerPoint presentation and even raw audio to better connect an audience. If you are conducting seminars on a regular basis, consider subscribing to a program like Adobe 11 Presenter. This program gives users the ability to create tutorials, videos, quizzes and more.
  6. Work on your presentation skills. Presenting awesome seminars take another level of connection. Keep your voice level up and maintain energy. Make eye contact, smile and use your hands naturally to add movement and interest. Have a self-deprecating story or two in your arsenal.
  7. Build your seminar one element at a time. Creating an awesome seminar is easier when you create awesome individual segments. Work on an entertaining and anticipation-building introduction and outline. Give each learning section its own dynamic flow and clear cut takeaways. Review what you’ve presented clearly and succinctly. Close your presentation with questions, a call to action, and a sincere thank you.
  8. Make sure your seminar includes surprising information. For example, did you know that the more times you are married, the more likely it is you will get divorced? While 41% of first marriages end in divorce, that number increases to 60% for second marriages and 73% of third marriages. No matter what your subject, find interesting data attendees can share outside the seminar.
  9. Gift attendees and ask for a review. Make sure your attendees have something physical to take with them that includes your contact information. It could be a nice promotional gift, an offer regarding an in-office visit, or further information about the subject at hand. At the same time, have them fill out a physical or online comment card. Use these comments to tweak your next seminar.
  10. Follow up. The point of holding seminars is to increase your network of potential clients. Send a mailer, a handwritten thank you note or at least an email within days of the event. Ask additional follow-up and feedback questions and referrals.

A successful seminar comes from planning. Take your time, make a plan and execute. In the beginning, it may take a few sessions to get people in the door. As you build your reputation and credibility you will start to filling your seminars! Be yourself, stay true to you and your practice brand. The rest will work itself out and you to will have AWESOME seminars!

Looking to host a seminar but hesitate? Share with me why in the comments below? I too was just like you. I was nervous, unsure and not clear on where to begin. Slow and steady wins the race. I know you can have a great success with your seminars. List your questions below, I would love to hear from you.

Until next time, my friend, be enchanting.


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“The men and women out there who have success in their lives are those who are able to take action”– Ryan Michler

Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraq combat veteran and founder of the website, Order of Man. He has run his own business as a financial advisor for the past 9 years and through his website is helping men (and women) step up, become useful and be successful in whatever they choose. In today’s show, Jacob and Ryan talk about what it means to be a father, what he learned in the military and the importance of action and accountability.


“The biggest thing a father can do is to be engaged, to be present, to be active”– Ryan Michler [click to continue…]


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“Your body is the one tool you have to achieve success, so why don’t you fix that?”– Kestutis Rasimavicius

Kestutis Rasimavicius is a genetics scientist from who has studied the relationship between genes and nutrition, and is also an athlete and body builder. From his experience as a body-builder and his strive to be the best, Kestutis started investigation and found out that success has a lot to do with it. In today’s show, Jacob and Kestutis chat about his products which help people lose weight, overcome food addictions and change moods, and what being an athlete has taught him about how to become successful.


“If you are consuming processed food there is a high chance that it is made to be addictive”– Kestutis Rasimavicius [click to continue…]