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Practice Better. Be Enchanting.

Learn How to be Enchanting to:

  • Get the best clients
  • Build a profitable practice
  • Achieve perfect work-life balance
  • Create a vibrant community of raving fans who happily
    spread the word about you and your services!

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“Before I figure out, ‘what’s my content?’ I ask myself, ‘What’s my message?’”– Dananjaya Hettiarachchii

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is the World Champion of Public Speaking – 2014 conferred by Toastmasters International. He’s also been a Tedx Speaker and is amongst a handful of HRD consultants in the Asia-Pacific region that specializes in Performance Prediction. He also holds an MBA in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree with a Double Major in Marketing and Management, Australia. He is a Chartered Marketer and holds a professional Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. Having been worried about the direction that his life was heading, Dananjaya’s father introduced him to a Toastmasters club which both introduced him to the wonders of public speaking, as well as introducing him to people he would never have otherwise known. This changed his life by giving him confidence and changing his thinking and how he approached life. In today’s show we hear about Dananjaya’s winning speech, why everybody should try a bit of public speaking and he gives us some tips on crafting and delivering a great speech.




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We live in an age of technology that drives us to depend on blogs, social media, and email campaigns to attract new clients to our firms. Lead conversion obviously plays a significant role in growing any business, but the thirst for a growing client base must not overshadow the importance of fostering our existing client relationships.
When a client leaves your office, can you say with certainty that they’ll darken your doors again? Maybe your firm offers the best service in town, but maintaining solid relationships with your clients often goes beyond that. What else can you do to ensure people are talking (positively) about you in between client relationshipsappointments?

The Perks of a Client Relationship Marketing
First, let’s talk about why it’s important that you stay in your clients’ good graces. In short, it’s the answer to all of your marketing problems.

Client acquisition and retention mean everything to your firm’s success. As you’re no doubt aware, attracting new clients means spending obscene amounts of money and time on developing and executing marketing strategies. But what if “marketing” encompassed more than costly campaigns? Businesses of all types rely heavily on what we call relationship marketing : building and fostering connections with clients who will bring their business back to you and, hopefully, use the power of the grapevine to spread the good word about your law firm.

It’s arguably the cheapest, most effective marketing strategy you could hope for. With a little care and attention to detail on your part, your firm can retain old clients and use the momentum to attract new ones.

Keep Communication Lines Open
Always remember that there is no such thing as too much communication. It’s the easiest way to build trust, and it keeps your firm at the front of your clients’ minds.

  • Start an email newsletter. Keep your clients up to date on major developments within the firm, milestones, or anything else that bridges the gap between you and your client base when you aren’t advising them.
  • Respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. With smartphones becoming so commonplace, there is really no excuse to slack off in this area. Email, text messaging, and social media are all at your fingertips. Quick responses let clients know that their business is important and that you care about their schedule.
  • Remember the little details. Send thank you notes, holiday and birthday cards, even small gifts when appropriate. Your thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed, and it might even set you apart from other attorneys in the area. When your client feels valued, they’ll value your firm even more.

Get Involved
Consider dedicating a portion of your precious spare time to getting involved with your community. That could entail any number of things, from attending charity functions to coordinating community events centered around a particular cause.

The goal here isn’t just to get your smiling face seen around town (though that is a helpful side effect). It’s an invaluable bonding experience that shows clients you share the same interests and concerns, and that you care enough to come out in support of them. Additionally, community activities provide the perfect opportunity for you to collaborate with future clients. All of this, plus you’re establishing that your firm has deep ties with the community as a whole, not just the members who help pay your bills.

Keep Your Promises
“Your word is your bond” never holds more weight than when we’re talking about client relationships. It should go without saying that promise keeping is a major aspect of building trust, but in the hustle and bustle of your profession, it can be easier than you realize to forget about little obligations that can make or break your reputation.

  • Meet deadlines, no matter what. Your clients should never question whether or not you’ll meet a deadline, especially if you set it yourself. If they can depend on you to deliver on time, they’ll almost certainly come back.
  • Manage expectations. You can promise your clients the moon and stars, but what are they supposed to do when you show up with a handful of dirt and some broken glass? Learn to under-promise and over-deliver to maintain your firm’s wow factor.

These tips will go a long way in nurturing your firm’s relationship with clients, serving as a marketing strategy all on their own. Has your firm seen success by implementing these or any other relationship marketing tactics? Tell us about it in the comments!

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“We lose out in our life by not being in the present moment”– Jeena Cho


Jeena Cho runs a successful Bankruptcy law practice in San Francisco. The stress of her job got to her so much that she felt that she needed to change something in her life and this is how she discovered mindfulness. Mindfulness is about training your brain to live in the present moment without judgment or preference and is a really great tool to reduce stress and promote productivity and happiness. Jeena now helps other lawyers with the stress of their day to day work and has a book – The Anxious Lawyer coming out next year. In today’s show, Jeena gives us tips on reducing stress and gives us a 2 minute meditation session.





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The majority of successful law firms today implement writing a blog into their content marketing mix, because blog posts can stimulate social media and search engine interest. But how do you write blog posts that actually convert lookie-loos into prospects, prospects into leads, and leads into clients to produce a blog_Conversionfinancial return on the investment for your firm?

Legal Blog Writing Secrets That Few Attorneys Know

There are the obvious ways to improve blog post related conversion rates, and there are not so obvious methods. Let’s discuss a few bold strategies — that are not without risk! — that can allow you to truly engage with your readership, stimulate interest and win the SEO game:

Address issues in your field other lawyers won’t touch. While the lawyer in you may say “avoid controversy at all costs,” the webmaster in you should resist the temptation to play it safe. Be willing to blog about issues that draw attention. That isn’t to say you should make statements that will compromise your integrity or turn people away, but you can strategically address a controversial issue and benefit from the discussion.

Create juicy headlines. As important as the actual content in your blog posts may be, your headlines are arguably more valuable. Just think about the titles you see on websites like Facebook and Buzzfeed. Consider why you clicked on THIS post. Did the title capture your attention and stimulate interest?

Here are some examples of actual blog titles that have gone viral:

• A Cockroach Crawled On My Face And I’ll Never Be The Same
• If Celebrities Had Teenage Email Addresses…
• 24 Crazy Things You Never Imagined Saying Before Kids
• Here’s How Many People Have Died From Ebola So Far

While your titles can be tied to legal matters, you still have plenty of flexibility to create juicy headlines. Instead of writing something blah like “How To Choose A Lawyer,” push the limits with a title like “How To Avoid Lawyers Who Will Land You In Jail.”

Use multimedia. Do your blogs have to be monolithic blocks of text? No way! It’s 2014. Live large, and get creative with your media. Some of the most viral and high-converting blogs use images, gifs, videos, and infographics to break up the monotony of text.

Steal ideas. The lawyer in you is probably crying out: “No, don’t steal!” But we’re not talking about actually pilfering IP. You obviously don’t want to copy someone else’s work without giving credit. But there are ways to benefit from someone else’s legwork. First off, you can always ask for permission to link to another blog and use its content (while giving credit, of course). Secondly, you can use someone else’s idea or concept to stimulate a very cool title or post idea. Look outside the legal blogging world for inspiration. Browse science and literature sites (and journals) to get inspired.

Utilize creative CTAs. In the blogosphere, calls-to-action (“CTAs”) are extremely important. However, instead of the traditional “Click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter” CTA, do it big! Stay within the bounds of what’s acceptable, but get eccentric. For instance: “Like what you’ve read? Sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll send you compelling content each week plus a cartoon that’s guaranteed to make you laugh.”

Ignore the experts. How many times in life have you found that the experts are wrong? Blogging and SEO experts claim to use all kinds of algorithms, statics, and formulas to prove that it’s “best” to publish posts between the hours of X a.m. and Y p.m., for instance. But this kind of advice isn’t always reliable. If everyone else is posting during those hours, maybe going outside the timeframe can give you additional exposure. Break the mold, and measure what happens!

Play to your audience. As any musician, athlete, or performer will tell you, success is based on appeasing your fans. Don’t stray from their interests. Find out what they love and crave through a feedback mechanism, and give it to them!

How often do you share content? Blogging is a great way of sharing content and your expertise. If you are not blogging you should consider it. Take baby steps,  start writing and you soon will get the hang of it.  Thank you for reading our blog and be sure to stop by my immigration blog as well  at http://www.visalawyerblog.com/ . We we love hearing from our readers, please share your comments below and do not forget to share your blog url so we can check it out!

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“The big myth about freedom is that we think that money is going to solve everything”– Erlend Bakke


Erlend Bakke is a Norwegian author and entrepreneur who is the CEO of three companies and spends his time between Norway, the US, London and the Philippines. “How does he fit all of that in?” I hear you ask. Well it’s all been crafted to work that way. Erlend is a master in making efficient use of his time, outsourcing and earning money while he sleeps. On today’s fascinating show Erland gives us tips on entrepreneurship, outsourcing, gaining freedom and making your time more efficient.





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