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Failing is Okay: Lessons I Learned From James Altucher

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One of the highlights of my recent business trip to New York City was being able to attend a talk by James Altucher.

It was not on my calendar. I was just introduced to Jason Saltzman, founder and CEO of AlleyNYC, an exciting co-working space in New York City. It so happened that James was set to talk that evening to a group of startup founders at AlleyNYC and Jason placed me on his guest list. Lucky me!

James graduated from Cornell University and attended Carnegie Mellon University for his masters degree. He may have gone through countless career transformation but he is best known now for being a bestselling author and writer for various online outlets. I highly recommend that you grab a copy of Choose Yourself and The Power of No. You will not regret spending on these two books.

James Altucher is one of my favorite bloggers. He writes from his heart on a variety of subjects. I may disagree on some of his line of reasoning but he is very convincing just the same. In one post he suggests that parents should not send their kids to college. He also said that he would rather shoot himself in the head than own a home. How about this: “Is it bad that I originally wanted my first kid to be aborted?”

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“Having a website, newsletter and social media is as important as having legal stationary or a business card” – Carl Shusterman

Carl Shusterman is one of the US’s top immigration lawyers. He is a recognized authority on immigration law and not only owns his own successful practice but also speaks and teaches others. Carl has used the internet since its beginnings to help raise the profile of his practice and spread information about immigration law to people all around the world. He has embraced social media and has over 1000 useful articles in his website.


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Filtering the Noise: Social Media Time Management Tools

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Social Media Time Management Tools

By now you know the importance of social media marketing, but how to get it all done may still be a bit of a mystery. Writing a blog post, making a few Facebook posts, working on your email marketing and sending out a handful of tweets can take up half your day if you let it. That doesn’t even take it to account engaging with followers and building a community, which is where the good stuff really happens. The good news is, there are plenty of tools out there to do a bit of the job for you or at least make the time you spend doing it more productive. Best of all these tools, which aide in analyzing and managing your social media activity, are not give you back some of your valuable time, they are also cost-effective and easy to use.

Like the name implies, SocialBro is about to be your best friend when it comes to managing your Twitter activity. Just a little time spent here can turn 140 characters into a powerful marketing tool. Among the many features you will find tools to gather in-depth information about your community so that you can tailor your message and interact with them more effectively. SocialBro will also help you identify the best time to send you message so that is reaches the largest audience. You’ll also be able to manage access to your Twitter account so that team social media time managementmembers can help out. And, if you feel like playing private eye, you can check up on your competition and compare you Twitter performance to theirs.

No one wants to read a wall of text. Graphic design is what makes content pop. But, photo editing software can be difficult to master and professional graphic designers might not be in the budget. Enter Canva. This powerful graphic design program is based completely online, so there’s nothing to take up space on your hard drive. The drag-and-drop format is incredibly easy to use, so even a novice comes out looking like a pro. There are premade templates for Facebook covers, blog graphics and presentations and nearly all of it is free.

One of the goals of all your social media marketing is to get people talking about your company and sharing your message. But, it can be hard to keep up with all the people talking about you on social media and elsewhere on the web. In a perfect world, everyone that talks about you company online would use an @ to make it easier for you to track. That’s unlikely, which is where Mention comes in. By accessing your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts Mention analyzes each time someone talks about your company online and sends you the information in real time. You can also access Mention on any mobile device so that you can respond and engage with your followers within moments.

As you dig through blogs, catch up the news and check out websites, you are bound to come across dozens of things to share with your followers. But, you don’t want to flood the feeds all at once, and you don’t want to spend precious time pasting the link into each social media account. Buffer lets you post to all your accounts at once. More importantly it lets you schedule posts in advance so that your social media is active, even when you aren’t. It also helps you understand how people are responding to your content by showing you how many likes, retweets, and shares you are getting.
How do you maximize the time you spend on social media marketing? Have you used any of these tools, or are there others that you rely on? Let’s get the conversation started in the comments below.

EL034: How I Built Myself as a Brand, with Laura Madison

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“2 Decades ago you were paying $2000 a month to advertise on billboards, that’s just not necessary anymore” – Laura Madison

Laura Madison isn’t your average car salesman (or woman). Having entered into a male dominated world of hard sales and waiting on the forecourt floor for customers, Laura decided that she needed to try something new. She decided that she should brand herself and within 6 months had created her own website and was already using social media to help her to sell cars. With the help of her social media branding and YouTube videos, and combining these with her offline work, Laura is now selling about 20 cars a month and growing.







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In 2010, the percentage of J.D. and LL.B. degrees earned by women, as a total of all degrees earned, reached 49 percent. Although this number reflects nearly half of the degrees earned in the legal industry, women today still face many disparities in income and promotion opportunities, with women lawyers only earning 87 percent of men’s salaries.

In order to raise awareness around the opportunities to bridge the gender gap in the legal industry and to address positive gains, Washington University’s @WashULaw online Master of Legal Studies program created the following infographic. This infographic covers the history of women in law, the types of adversity women face today and possible solutions to address inequality in the legal workforce.



Brought to you by the online Master of Legal Studies program at @WashULaw

Thank you our friends at Washington University in St. Louis for this great infographic!

We want to hear from you! What do you think has changed the most over the past 100 years in law? If you were to give advice to a new law student about the evolution of women what would it be?